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  • The End of Proving Grounds: (Thread) (Update) (Last Call in PG)
    I've enabled GIF avatars across the site again. Don't make me regret this.
  1. Nauseated Courgi

    Epithet Erased

    Epithet Erased is a this series that's on going over at Jello's channel. The premise of the series is that, in this world, Some people are born these special abilities called "Epithets". Epithets are essentially the "Quirks" from MHA, but the abilities that someone can have from these are...
  2. Nauseated Courgi

    'Extinct' deer small enough to hold in one hand reappears in wild, giving hope for other endangered species

    A species of miniature deer roughly the size of a cat, which was thought to have been hunted to extinction in the 1990s has been rediscovered in southeast Asia. The silver-backed chevrotain is also known as the “mouse-deer” and is so small it could be held in one hand. Records of the species’...
  3. Nauseated Courgi

    Extinct species rediscovered in Winterhoek mountains, South Africa, after 200 years

    Last seen in 1804, Psoralea cataracta was rediscovered by Brian du Preez, a Ph.D. student in botany at the University of Cape Town, when he accidentally stumbled upon a population on a narrow track close to a river on a farm near Tulbagh in the Western Cape. Credit: Wiida Fourie, Stellenbosch...
  4. Nauseated Courgi

    Mario Kart Tour

    I decided to make a bit of a thread about the mobile game "Mario Kart Tour". It's a nice time killer game that I sunk a few hours into and I thought a bit of discussion about the game wouldn't hurt.
  5. Nauseated Courgi

    World Tasmanian tiger declared extinct 80 years ago ‘spotted’ eight times

    Eight reported sightings of a creature believed to be extinct are forcing experts to wonder whether it could still be alive. The Tasmanian tiger, a large striped marsupial carnivore with almost Loch Ness Monster status Down Under, was thought to have died out in 1936, when the last one known...
  6. Nauseated Courgi

    What's Your Halloween Avatar?

    The season is upon us. So what halloween avatar did you decide to use for the season?
  7. Nauseated Courgi

    Why is there so much hatred towards white and non-minority people as of late?

    I'm sure most of you are aware of this. Recently, it seems like anyone that's not a minority of some kind (mostly white people from what I can tell) is treated like a punching bag that everyone wants to take a swing at. I'm making this thread to have a bit of overall discussion about the whole...

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