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    Science Vegan influencer eats meat for 30 days, shocks fans by saying she's healthier than she's 'felt in years'

    Well, that’s a big change. A formerly vegan influencer revealed to her fans that she spent 30 days eating nothing but meat and animal products. She also revealed that the new diet had some surprisingly positive effects on her health. Alyse Parker, who has over 200K Instagram followers and...
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    US Hillary Clinton emerges as top choice of Democratic voters in Harvard-Harris presidential poll

    No family (that you care about) in the US military I see.
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    ‘Sexy tricks’: How journalists demonize Venezuela’s socialist government, in their own words

    Lol.. implying that legitimate governments should allow fake journalists to lie about their nations. The US imprisons without charge actual journalists who tell the truth about the US. No American has any right to criticize Venezuela.
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    Ah, I see you're talking about using a VPN over Tor all the time, rather than using Tor in addition to a VPN you're using all the time anyway if you're doing something a little sensitive. Yeah, see that there's some risk if you're relying on going over Tor to avoid your connection to a VPN...
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    US The FISA Report

    Would you care to make.. a wager? No matter how corrupt this may have been, the right-uniparty will not do anything substantive about it. Pick a metric.. something simple like Comey going to jail for at least a year. I am sure we can work something out via cryptocurrency.
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    It's now owned by Kape Technologies, a Unit 8200 spinoff. They spy by default.
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    Beijing Pushes for Removal of Foreign Tech in More State Offices

    Generally this is very positive. The Chinamen previously supported the Loongson MIPS development to some extent which offered a seperate, more secure alternative to the Intel IME/x86 complex which the NSA owns. While not completely indigenous, this is at least a separate pathway. A new Chinese...
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    CN Hong Kong Garden Takeaway (Megathread)

    Lol. Because CIA stooges from the 'Ukranian' Azov group have been involved in the riots, Ukranians are now being deported on arrival across the board.
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    ‘Sexy tricks’: How journalists demonize Venezuela’s socialist government, in their own words

    Journalists revealed to me the tactics they use to sell stories painting Venezuela as a socialist dystopia. One described himself as a “mercenary,” explaining how he aims to please his employer’s funders. By Alan MacLeod It is clear that mainstream US media correspondents are no fans of the...
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    Culture Jewish groups denounce Trump's 'vile' remarks at Israeli-American Council

    Almost. Lyndon Baines Johnson, the most corrupt President America ever had, was definitely more favorable. Look at how he set up the men on the USS Liberty to be murdered for Israel's benefit. Evidence shows that the original intention was to use a false-flag attack on the Liberty to kick off...
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    2019-12-09 - DESTROYED by party insiders!

    It's fantastic. There are Democratic primary candidates like Lauren Ashcraft who have a great background story (like having a relative who died in a famous mining disaster) and who propose actual alternatives to business as usual. Meanwhile, John's 'story' is that his gook bf bought him some...
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    Disaster Sanders Aide’s Tweets Include Homophobic Slurs, References to ‘Jew Money’

    When Elizabeth Warren etc are attacking Sen. Sanders, that is the right wing.
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    Fair. At this point, anything but PiA is a good idea. Proton is fine for regular VPN uses to stop the MPAA coming down on your ass. If you're doing anything sensitive, just use Tor as well. It's not exactly difficult. Support Null, you faggots. If you want to be a real sperg about it, there...
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    Disaster Mum-to-be, 20, in a polyamorous relationship will raise baby girl with four dads

    It's at Version with original audio, but a frame rate cut, attached if required. Some interesting comments Some 'poly typical' ones Some awful people encouraging them to do a Patreon And yeah.. Couch Gang showed up...
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    Beijing Pushes for Removal of Foreign Tech in More State Offices

    Do you think 'Western' international businesses have any loyalty to 'Western' nations or 'Western' people?
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    Bernie Sanders vows to break up Comcast and AT&T, build publicly owned networks

    5G uses extremely small cell sizes. It's only good for urbanite faggots. They want to use it to replace wired broadband even in urban areas so they can reduce backbone capacity and infrastructure spend even more and put in caps.
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    UN SDF delegation meets with Saudi officials to discuss future of north east Syria

    Unfortunately, Kurds are treacherous. Fortunately, Kurds are almost incapable of helping themselves and usually ally with even more treacherous actors who betray them time and time again.
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    Culture Ex-AAP MLA Alka Lamba live streamed her Facebook interaction with cat filters on

    Alka Lamba's Facebook live with various filters on (image: screenshots of video viral on Twitter) Former AAP MLA and currently Congress leader Alka Lamba held a Facebook live event recently in Delhi. The person handling her Facebook account inadvertently left the ‘filters’ on where a tool lets...
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    Bernie Sanders vows to break up Comcast and AT&T, build publicly owned networks

    Some of your private ISPs are already blocking KiwiFarms, just like New Zealand and the UK. A trend that will only increase. Why leave even more internet infrastructure in the hands of 'muh private company's?

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