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  1. Mars Attacks!

    Is gender identity real?

    I'm going to powerlevel slightly in this thread, but it's relevant to the topic and my own experience has led me to believe that gender identity doesn't actually exist. Let's look at the popular definitions of gender identity, first: 1. Gender roles ("I'm a girl because I like pink." "I'm...
  2. Mars Attacks!

    Montreal bans pit bulls After a fatal dog attack three months ago the city of Montreal has ruled to ban all pit bull breeds, or dogs that share common traits with pit bulls (large heads, muscular build, etc.) The law goes fully into effect Monday...
  3. Mars Attacks!

    Mari and Eliot

    I didn't see a thread for these two so I thought I'd make one. Please enjoy. Mari (formerly on Tumblr as agender-offender, recently moved to psychic-renegade) and Eliot (formerly edgemaster-8000, now angry-albino-androgyne) are rather infamous in the Tumblr "truscum" community. They are a...

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