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  1. Burning Fanatic

    Snowflake Abby Cappleman / Abby The Aspienaut / Abbey May / @0ldS0ul_abby

    I feel like this should be featured on the front page. This is way too ridiculous to pass up.
  2. Burning Fanatic

    Snowflake Abby Cappleman / Abby The Aspienaut / Abbey May / @0ldS0ul_abby

    I don't mind new random people popping up at all. Like I said before though, either give full context and show don't tell, or simply don't bother posting here.
  3. Burning Fanatic

    Jason Ethier / JayStation / ImJayStation

    I swear, Jason is the gift that keeps on giving. It seems like he's moved to a new apartment/location where he films his videos, and I gotta say, some of these are really something: WE BOUGHT A SLAVE OFF THE DARK WEB!! (VERY SCARY) /...
  4. Burning Fanatic

    Snowflake Abby Cappleman / Abby The Aspienaut / Abbey May / @0ldS0ul_abby

    Congratulations on following Abby's "Hell Storms" on Instagram and Facebook. Your medal will be shipped out to you next Monday, if not Thursday the latest. And I'm calling you guys "randos", as in random users, because you have no prior history on this site. You spontaneously created an account...
  5. Burning Fanatic

    Snowflake Abby Cappleman / Abby The Aspienaut / Abbey May / @0ldS0ul_abby

    Who the fuck are you randos? Why do you keep crawling out of the woodworks to provide small "gotcha!" quips without giving more context? If you want to contribute here, at least try and go into more detail. Especially with these screenshots that don't tell me anything.
  6. Burning Fanatic

    A Final Solution to the Proving Grounds Problem

    Honestly, I don't think PG is in such a terrible spot. I've seen a number of users, myself included, offer feedback toward improving OPs. Sometimes the Original Posters listen and try to improve it right away, while other times they ignore it and do nothing. In which case, I think it's best as...
  7. Burning Fanatic

    Alinity Divine / Natalia Mogollon

    Someone gets banned from Twitch over innocuous shit and Alinity continues to remain untouched. More at 11.
  8. Burning Fanatic

    Luna Tiny / Sara Elizabeth O'Hern / Anonymous-Asexual / AnonymousArtist

    You don't even need that. Literally just come up with any normal name that comes to mind and fits the bill. But nah, gotta be special these days. Another alternative would involve the guy with his hand on her shoulder, and rather than address his question, just goes "Get the fuck off me." Cause...
  9. Burning Fanatic

    Luna Tiny / Sara Elizabeth O'Hern / Anonymous-Asexual / AnonymousArtist

    Is this really a common issue that the trans community has to go through? Someone liked their name, yet assumed that their parents came up with it? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas.
  10. Burning Fanatic

    Inactive Desmond Daniel Amofah / Etika / Etika World Network Etika's trending on Twitter right now after YouTube Rewind just dropped. Lot of his fans are pissed that he didn't get any kind of proper tribute or mention in the video.
  11. Burning Fanatic

    Alinity Divine / Natalia Mogollon

    I don't think I've seen anyone else post her response to the situation. I just caught wind of it from this video: Watching her explain away the situation as her "not feeling her dog because she was on her period and had a large pad in the way" is really something. And I say that in the sense...
  12. Burning Fanatic

    Ethan Klein / h3h3Productions

    I assume you're referring to this video?
  13. Burning Fanatic

    Gross Amy Ramadan / Amy Lee Bell / Amy David / Amy's Life Journey!!!!

    Few minor pointers: 1. Some of the titles to your sections (like The Swatting Saga) you're better off increasing further in size, underlining, or doing something else to make them stand out more. 2. I'd either spoil or have a separate section title for the accounts + dox. And for the accounts...
  14. Burning Fanatic

    Smugruko / Smug / Haruko Haruhara

    Your OP still needs a massive overhaul before you keep adding little bits of new info. Cause in it's current state, doesn't look like it's going anywhere till then. EDIT: I can try and help ya out via DMs, though I can't guarantee that the thread will be in a good enough state worth approving.
  15. Burning Fanatic

    Smugruko / Smug / Haruko Haruhara

    Yeah, from what I can tell, Smug is definitely kind of person that does stupid shit just to rile people up. Either doubles-down on it or backs the fuck up entirely once the pressure gets far too much to handle. In this specific instance, just wow. This really shows what a troglodyte Smug is...
  16. Burning Fanatic

    Smugruko / Smug / Haruko Haruhara

    Doesn't change the fact that OP needs a lot more content + revisions to back it up.

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