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  1. Francis York Morgan

    Culture Ex-NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg will not be running for President in 2020

    Story from NPR Found this kind of interesting coming off the back of Hillary's statement. Looks like this Democratic primary is going to be every bit the shitstorm that the GOP's was in 2016.
  2. Francis York Morgan

    Culture Planned Parenthood: "We need a Disney princess who's had an abortion"

    Apologies for this being slapdash due to being on my phone but we can't miss these potential laughs. Image of the tweet. Moral of the story here? Stop having idiots run...
  3. Francis York Morgan

    The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    To celebrate the News & Events board, let's begin with a topic dedicated to discussing everyone's favorite totalitarian dictatorship, North Korea. The recent news of North Korea is, ironically, that there hasn't been much news. Kim Jong Un has been notably absent from the public for the...
  4. Francis York Morgan

    Is Chris a visual learner?

    The Facebook photo rating topic seems to indicate that the graph had an effect on him. Well, about as much of an effect as one could get. I was wondering if there have been any other attempts to explore this further, like has anyone tried putting together a graph to illustrate certain...

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