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  1. Aquinas

    Let's Sperg Come join in on the merriment

    I, @Bombastic Blake, am about to set up a stream, so please join me as i venture into the world of video games.
  2. Aquinas

    Let's Sperg Aquinas streams, random gay bullshit.

    Didnt want to advert in boldy's thread because that'd be rude, so i'll just waiste more room on the board. Come join me and some friends autisming over games. Tonight im playing Doom 2, Modded.
  3. Aquinas

    Post here

    remember to upvote and give me gold, thanks
  4. Aquinas

    Share your PID tales.

    in honor of Penis Inspection Day, i ask you, the forum, to share your tales surrounding the much celibrated day.
  5. Aquinas

    Feedback An idea on how to deal with A-Logs

    Why dont we just have a quarentine subforum for those who have been found to be A-Logs? they'll be forced to have the A-Log watermarked to their posts and can only post outside of the forum during certain hours or a certain amount per week. and if they get even one warning point, bam, straight...
  6. Aquinas

    Feedback A humble Chat suggestion

    Please add "Nice Meme" to the list of emotes, Complete with nice meme sound that plays for everyone when used

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