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  1. Product Intervention

    "X But It's Played In An Empty Mall"

    This is really interesting. I have some advice for you though. My job takes me into many large shopping malls all around the United States. This sound trick is pretty close but all of the audio sounds muffled as if it were coming out of low quality speakers. I can assure you that most...
  2. Product Intervention


    How so? Could you give me a bit more than that. Again, I'm not trying to be a dick to you. I do want your information. But you're giving it out in drips and the burden of proof is on you to prove your claims.
  3. Product Intervention


    Would you please elaborate on this? I'm interested in hearing more and, well... I ask because, frankly, I've only ever seen you post contrarian things and I am not sure if you're being serious or if you're simply stating the opposite of what the nearest KF user said.
  4. Product Intervention


    Thank you for this update. For better or for worse, I take your word seriously about VPNs and internet privacy stuff. These posts are very very welcome. You should offer a subscription service to distribute monthly tips, Null. You've got a name in this field.
  5. Product Intervention

    Sportsnet, Ron MacLean apologize for Don Cherry's 'discriminatory' remarks

    They had better leave Mr. Cherry alone. Nobody else knows how to play his desk!
  6. Product Intervention

    Plagued Trump Derangement Syndrome

    I hate the 4D chess shit but in this case it is quite literally the case. These fucks are so filled with hate that they can't see that the President is trying to counter ISIS' messaging. Or maybe they can see it and they just don't care. Either way it is despicable and represents a failure on...
  7. Product Intervention

    Dragon Quest

    I don't believe you and I think you're just making it up. Farming mini medals as a positive? You reached too far bro. Do you even know what mini medals are? :lit:
  8. Product Intervention

    PS5 release date confirmed, holidays 2020

    The comparison for those reading along (which was not included in the quote) was that building a PC is easier than building with LEGO bricks. It's served me well and I've taught a lot of people how to build computers over the last 20 years. The core of my teaching technique with most things is...
  9. Product Intervention

    Dragon Quest

    Agreed. Dragon Quest still retained a lot of its old charm. The biggest problem I have with Dragon Quest games moving forward is that they've been too easy. Also they have taken away things like "missables", which tells you how far gaming has crumbled. God forbid the kids have to replay the...
  10. Product Intervention

    PS5 release date confirmed, holidays 2020

    It is an excellent long-term goal. A computer is a powerful tool for any individual willing to learn how to use it. As far as actually building a computer... it's literally easier than LEGO bricks. You can't put anything in the wrong slot, everything is color-coded, and you only need minor...
  11. Product Intervention

    Dragon Quest

    Dragon Quest III introduced the Vocation System to that series, which was a year before Final Fantasy III introduced the Class System to Final Fantasy. The original Final Fantasy did offer a rudimentary system of selecting classes at the outset with the potential to upgrade much later on; but I...
  12. Product Intervention

    PS5 release date confirmed, holidays 2020

    Now is probably a good time to start teaching yourself to save up. Consoles and PCs are easy peasy. Cars, houses, and spouses are not.
  13. Product Intervention

    PS5 release date confirmed, holidays 2020

    Did Shigeru Miyamoto make fun of your dick or something? It's all in your head man.
  14. Product Intervention

    PS5 release date confirmed, holidays 2020

    So we have bigger numbers, ray tracing (lol okay gamers), a better charger in the controller, those L and R buttons look cool if only to get us back to the fucking GameCube era, and what else... oh, HD rumble and 4K bluray. Ohhhhhhkay.
  15. Product Intervention

    StyxHexenhammer666 / Tarl Warwick

    Tits or get the fuck out.
  16. Product Intervention

    Hunter and Joe Biden Contradict Each Other Re The Ukrainian Scandal

    This shit is the worst. The Democrats are only pushing children because they realize that they lost a large portion of the generations that have already come of age. They need to leap frog to the next potential generation, which means making it okay for pre-teens to call the shots. This will...
  17. Product Intervention

    StyxHexenhammer666 / Tarl Warwick

    Completely agree. Hoes are still mad though.
  18. Product Intervention

    Plagued /r/The_Donald

    Where have all the Krauthammers gone? The media is lesser without him.
  19. Product Intervention

    E3 2019 / 2020

    The ESA should rename it Space World 2020, kick out the influencers, and let SEGA have the guy in the Sonic costume do a keynote. Nintendo is dominating that floor plan.
  20. Product Intervention

    The NFL Thread

    I don't think Antonio Brown understands that there are no trades in a courtroom. He can keep handing the prosecution info but they're not going to take him.

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