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  1. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    He had some knowledge about Mos Eisley so he wasn't spending two decades completely isolated, there's room for some storytelling For example Obi Wan might try to follow leads on other jedi still alive, or hear from spacers that the empire is holding an old ally captured. Only problem is they...
  2. Übertroon

    Aydin Paladin / Rebekah Erin "Bekah" Ford / Sybyll Adastra / StarSybyll

    Imagine talking about the germ in 2020
  3. Übertroon

    Let's Play Raid: Shadow Legends

    Also it's got a ridiculously convoluted setup to justify gun girls involving a secret society of soviet radicals, AI singularity based on alien/nazi? technology, references to cold war events and technology, radiation that creates mutant zombies, political intrigue between the government the...
  4. Übertroon

    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    The absolute state of western animation
  5. Übertroon

    Why do certain people act as if "punching down" is an intrinsically bad thing?

    Punching down isn't intrinsically bad, you just have to make it seem like the people you're beating aren't underdogs, and present yourself as oppressed That's why you can have a ethnic group that's 300% over represented in government while presenting themselves as oppressed
  6. Übertroon

    Despite his claims, DSP is still spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the WWE Champions mobile game

    So what does spending money on these games give you? I'm only familiar with waifu collection games like azur lane and girl's frontline where character skins is the only money draw
  7. Übertroon

    Dr. Who

    Why would a Indian man have to hide his race in the Third Reich?
  8. Übertroon

    Let's Play Raid: Shadow Legends

    Shitting on their customers is gacha tradition
  9. Übertroon

    Let's Play Raid: Shadow Legends

    It still amazes me that when it comes to gachas the chinks are seemingly the most benevolent, while western developers are predatory to the nth degree
  10. Übertroon

    Video Game Chat Thread The perfect game for the coomer generation
  11. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    Like I've said before, she should have died when she got thrown out the airlock. Or some other cruel twist of fate where the emperor takes a liking to her and lets her live, but Vader gives her the old high ground treatment and chops off all her limbs In universe it makes sense as the republic...
  12. Übertroon

    Is Ian McCollum of Forgotten weapons an Antifa Supporter?

    You'd be surprised, know several people who are hiding the fact that they have nazi sympathies, but they kinda have to, while with communists I know very few people who've been ostracized for saying the kulaks deserved it
  13. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    The problem is it's not some gradual change, mandalorian culture and society will simply radically change even within the same year thanks to no one putting their foot down and deciding exactly what what it means to be mandalorian during say the clone wars, Filoni has now seen to three...
  14. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    It's always irked me that even before Disney people never agreed upon what Mandalorian culture was, everyone seemed to have their own interpretation, and we've now had Mandalorians as space samurais, space vikings, space maori, space spartans, and space celts So you've got a dozen writers...
  15. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    To quote cloakshit, "love is the death of duty"
  16. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    Yeah, the hats are completely ridiculous because the side flaps serve absolutely no purpose, it's just the old imperial officer cap with less functionality. If they were going to add more to the officer cap they could just as well have added the folding skirt from the german field/ski cap
  17. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    Have we ever gotten around to discuss the fact that three of the disney star wars movies have weird tentacle creatures in it for next to no plot reasons? Who's the freak who keeps requesting these to be added?
  18. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    You could have had them broken and beaten, a hunched over and mangled wookiee probably looks a lot less threatening I think the reason they chose ewoks over wookiees is that they were planning on making Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure after Return of a jedi, so they already had costumes in...
  19. Übertroon

    Ryan Faulk / The Alternative Hypothesis / People's Veto / @thealthype / Stodles / FringeElements

    I personally detest the word impossible. Sure, the axis would have to rely on monumental luck to win the war, in all respects they were the underdogs of the conflict, the latecomers to the geopolitical world stage rebelling against the ruling world order. But saying it's impossible just puts...
  20. Übertroon

    Star Wars Griefing Thread (RISE OF THE SKYWALKER SPOILERS)

    They could have eventually brought Ahsoka back, but it could never be as a jedi, and especially as a jedi fighting with the rebel alliance against the empire. She could very well have had a role in a sequel trilogy where there are new foes and a new paradigm, but almost everything with Star Wars...

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