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    2020-01-03 - Steve Horner: "I have a gift for you"

    How did he even come across Null? Mom's basement? 5 seconds of research shows he lived in The Ukraine and now lives in Parts Unknown someplace in/around the EU. I wonder if someone to chicken to attack directly fed Steve information about KF/Null and asked him to start harassing. It's kinda...
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    Twitter will put options to limit replies directly on the compose screen

    If people can't feel like they are making a difference by autistically replying to everyone of trump's tweets then they will just stop using the service. Not just Trump but any person. I never logged in to Twitter to just read what someone said. I log in so i can interact with that person.
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    White Settlement Church Shooting

    Probably just cost/ease of attaining thing. You can get shotguns for 200-$300 all day and they are in every pawn shop and Walmart. Its nice how he was able to plead down all these felony charges to misdemeanors.On multiple occasions. So he was able to keep his right to buy guns. The...
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    White Settlement Church Shooting

    I think it would depend greatly what the shotgun was loaded with. At 10 yards with 00 buck then you have fist sized hole in you. If its #7 bird or target then your just in for a painful ER visit. 5.56 at least has the slight chance of missing something vital and just going strait through.
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    White Settlement Church Shooting

    My bet is they waited to release his name until every trace he had online was scrubbed clean.
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    White Settlement Church Shooting

    I am starting to think this is another kangz shooting. Not even the guys name has leaked out. Everything he did online is most likely scrubbed by now. The church is all boomers so they will all blindly listen to the police if the they tell them not to talk about the shooter.
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    That is why its a good idea to use TOR when ever you can even for general web browsing. You can't correlate a TOR start/stop time for something that happens on a site if you never stop TOR. Leave a site like drudgereport with it's autorefresh or a site like KF open in a tab and your connected...
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    I use the TOR browser a lot so I guess your just as fucked as me. A little glow aint so bad. The KF .onion works great and I don't really notice any speed difference with my shitty internet connection.
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    BitChute is not at all decentralized or peer-to-peer, despite its claims

    This is the only place that gives him attention or knows who he is. The 54 55 replies in 20mins prove that. God damnit I am posting in a bait thread. I am part of the problem (:_(
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    BitChute is not at all decentralized or peer-to-peer, despite its claims

    Well kiwifarms is already there. So this must be a nazi site also. :pickle:
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    Support for Windows 7 to end January 2020

    Why will it "stop working"? If this stuff isn't sitting on the internet then who cares. The orginization I work for still has a NT machine doing nothing but running access control and hvac for a few buildings. The IT dept discovered those IDE hard drive emulators that use SDcards so there is...
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    Apple Thread

    Most comfy computer I ever owned was my 2nd hand G5 mac running Tiger (10.4). The switch to x86 made life better because you had the best of all worlds. You had a It Just Works(tm) OS with a real UNIX(tm) OS underneath so you could x86 opensorse software. The OSX supplemental DVD came with...
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    Tech Meme Hellzone

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    Weirdest site you found on the internet

    Kinda tame compared to others mentioned but is weird and has been online since the late 90's.
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    Heirs of the body of Angelina Silva Englisbee vs. Patrick Crusius, Jim Watkins (8chan), Matthew Prince (Cloudflare), Fredrick Brennan, Anons on /pol/

    Yea the case will go nowhere I am sure. But I saw the SSI claim raised before also. I wonder is he telling the SS department he lives in Atlantic City, NJ or The Philippines?
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    Official Tor Hidden Service for the Kiwi Farms

    Thank you for keeping up the good fight. Thank you for keeping the .onion. It works great when people are not fucking with it. I hope you have a good day. Shalom
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    Official Tor Hidden Service for the Kiwi Farms

    Yep. Most of the time you can't get here with the TOR browser via an exit node. The site or CF is pushing a redirect to the .onion that doesn't work. I appreciate the people who maintain the TOR browser but I really hate how they don't give an option to stop this behavior in case of situations...
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    2019-10-16 - Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

    I understand your speculation but I don't think any of this runs that deep. Some of the shit he posted is here in this thread in post #24. Go look at it. It's not educating people on gunsmithing or 3d printing. Its just spaz shit with killing jews for cat-girl waifus. I don't think its...
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    2019-10-16 - Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

    11) The actual files he posted on KF are from/posted to a .onion they have been trying to crack. They are hoping he fucked up and posted normienet here.
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    2019-10-16 - Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

    The vch owner claims he did get a visit by the FBI. As much as a PITA it is to run KF (Thanks Null) I can't imagine how nerve racking it must be to host a imageboard today with exceptional individuals dropping manifesto's left and right. doesn't even have a /pol/. As far as i can tell it is just /v/...

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