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  1. lolwut

    I think I’m a late bloomer

    Your twenties are the prime time to be out causing incidents you won't remember 'til the court-ordered therapy. Snort coke off a stripper's ass, kill that bum in the ally behind the Red Lobster with a broken bottle. Fistfight a cassowary. Don't bloom, explode. Violently.
  2. lolwut

    Make a new rule against doxing Kiwi Farms users

    ok see you tomorrow i love you bye
  3. lolwut

    More Enter Autism

    We are pretty great, are we?
  4. lolwut

    'No Stupid Questions' General

    You have to torrent it from the Supporters board.
  5. lolwut

    China's TikTok messing with political content

    man-thots begone REEEEEEE
  6. lolwut

    2019-10-16 - Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

    Considering he regularly purges his social media, I'm not concerned.
  7. lolwut

    "Mad at the Internet"

    He's only done one deadcow stream this month so he had to go murder Barb and Chris.
  8. lolwut

    StraySheep / Kayla Marie Waller / morinokunikara

    So how many of those anons are her and why is it all of them?
  9. lolwut

    Halle, Germany Shooting

    So what's his account here?
  10. lolwut

    Line Of The Day

  11. lolwut

    A man nearing his 30s talks about Internet friends

    :heart-full: u jawsh This summerfag has been shitting up the place since 2014, and I'll be here right up til the day Vordrak, Yaniv, or whoever comes next, eats you with a literal fork and knife. Here's to shitposting til the political death of the Internet. :drink:
  12. lolwut


    In this era of bullshido artists like Jeffrey Allen, it's good to know a true warrior of the ancient arts still walks the Earth.
  13. lolwut

    StraySheep / Kayla Marie Waller / morinokunikara

    "Nocturnal caffeine addict" isn't a sleep disorder, it's a poor lifestyle choice. Stop guzzling soda at 3am, fatty.
  14. lolwut


    This is the best Labor Day ever. :semperfidelis:
  15. lolwut

    Alyssa Waldrop / Vade / Scoutgender / AutisticLeafeon / SpiritLore / Zexper

    Nothing on a burger should be grey, wtf.
  16. lolwut


    You do what you're big enough to get away with. Everything else is just guidelines.
  17. lolwut

    StraySheep / Kayla Marie Waller / morinokunikara


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