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  1. Ineedahero

    Pathologic 2: Open World First Person Doctoring

    Pathologic 2 is out! I know everyone is as excited as I am because there has been barely a mention of these games on the forum since 2015. And yet, I have a feeling these games would be right up a lot of people around here's alleys. Puzzles, weird lore, fascinating train wrecks - what's not to...
  2. Ineedahero

    Nintendo Switch is now hacked

    Yeah, so the Nintendo switch has been hacked, so if you ever thought you might like to play any of its exclusives and don't want to screw about with emulators, you should buy one asap. Nintendo have already rolled out a hardware revision that is beginning to hit stores, so make sure you check if...
  3. Ineedahero

    Torment: Tides of Numeneneneenenena

    What, how is there not a thread about Torment? It's the best game of the year and I have been playing it nonstop. In it you play a guy (or girl) who wakes up falling from the sky, and fighting a writhing mass of tentacles inside your head called the sorrow. Aside from that you know practically...

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