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  1. Ineedahero

    Social Justice Warriors

    It's utterly insane how skewed society has been by this stupid bullshit - the reason 'diversity' is good is because people from different places and different lifestyles think differently to each other, and it is these different ways of thinking that resulted in the wonders of modernity. How...
  2. Ineedahero

    Hypocritical "Comedians" (Robert Webb, Omid Djalili & Friends)

    That's pretty much it. He talks about politics and talks slowly and thoughtfully so you feel smart when he says what you are thinking. Anyone who doesn't think he is funny therefore 'doesn't get it', or is mad about his politics, not that every joke he tells is either a pun or a shaggy dog story...
  3. Ineedahero

    Hypocritical "Comedians" (Robert Webb, Omid Djalili & Friends)

    Keep in mind that Gervais liked Corbyn and was (if I remember correctly) employed by the student union in college, he is a leftie, or he would have been called one 5 years ago. That is of course not good enough for Lee who tried to cancel Ben Elton way back before cancelling was a thing, not...
  4. Ineedahero

    Social Justice Warriors

    How are your posts consistently the pettiest fucking things in this thread, of all threads?
  5. Ineedahero

    Oddity (formerly Mother 4)

    A lot of the time devs focus on gameplay, so it's unusual for a game to have a narrative with meta elements. As a result, the games that do are often smaller indie titles. If you don't mind visual novels there's hatoful boyfriend and doki doki literature club, and there's also one shot, icey...
  6. Ineedahero

    Culture Wars General

    I don't understand, where are all the think pieces from game journos chewing this bitch out for bringing up personal private drama? Does it not count if nobody gives a shit, is that how morality works now?
  7. Ineedahero

    Bigot Brigade Something Awful and Friends

    Shit, I was making a crack about liking Waititi playing hitler when just saying hitler gets an entire forum memory holed. Thanks for making me feel dumb, now I have to troon out and lobby null to ban you all until the shame fades.
  8. Ineedahero

    Bigot Brigade Something Awful and Friends

    look at this fucking bigot, not even the the movie discussion is free of nazis.
  9. Ineedahero

    Terry Gilliam: I’m ‘Tired’ of White Men Being ‘Blamed for Everything That is Wrong’ in the World

    Polish that cross folx, we got ourselves a wrong thinker!
  10. Ineedahero

    Bigot Brigade Something Awful and Friends

    If he wants to see how this will all play out, he should look at evergreen college. I watched the YouTube series about that shit last night and the parallels are eerie. The dean there capitulated fully so he could be a good ally too, but it was never good enough and he just looked like a...
  11. Ineedahero

    Bigot Brigade Something Awful and Friends

    It's because of toxx. They think dox came from toxx because they are goons and they think they invented everything on the internet.
  12. Ineedahero

    Bigot Brigade Something Awful and Friends

    God damn it, I don't know which is funnier, watching lowtax claim to be a champion of the disadvantaged for two decades, or watching troons tell him he's killing them while he tears down his entire business for them. Ordinarily it would be troons, no question, but lowtax banning some guy for...
  13. Ineedahero

    The Outer Worlds

    I finished it today, it was alright. Disco Elysium is a much better talky rpg though. But now I really want to play new vegas again, and since that's what half the thread is about I thought I'd ask - anyone know of a decent mod collection that doesn't go spastic with ancillary mods (I also don't...
  14. Ineedahero

    Death Stranding

    Yeah that's a lot words to say you don't get art. This is not a post modernist perspective, it's the perspective of a person who appreciates art. 'Everything is art' is wrong but art can be anything. Art can even be terrible, I never said it should be exempt from critique. It's just measured by...
  15. Ineedahero

    Death Stranding

    Yes it is, it's the only defense. This is going to sound like a cop out but the fact you don't understand that says you don't get art. Some people just don't - I'd argue around half of the planet don't, but you are putting up restrictions that just can't exist for artists to make art. Art is the...
  16. Ineedahero

    Death Stranding

    It's full of weird dumb shit and product placement, but death stranding is, from all the information available, exactly what kojima wanted to make. How can he have failed if he made the game he wanted to make? Because it wasn't the commercial success tpp was? So what? That's your metric, that's...
  17. Ineedahero

    Let's Sperg Let's experience Pokémon Whack Version.(ScreenShot LP)

    19.8 pounds of steam is... a lot of steam. A shitload of steam. Also didn't the game say it crashes on planting berries? If you also can't pick them fuck that, I'm glad you're playing and not me :S
  18. Ineedahero


    I can't speak to yakuza, but sonic and total war definitely had some amazing entries, at least based on the reaction at release. Total war shogun and Rome were blockbusters and sonic 2 and 3 are, well, partially responsible for this site for one. I honestly had no idea it was a shining force...
  19. Ineedahero

    Shenmue III - Nov. 19, The Sailor Saga Continues

    Shenmue is like yakuza right? Could I play this third one without having played the first two? I'm still not sure I understand this genre really, I tried playing the first yakuza and couldn't get into it.
  20. Ineedahero

    Feedback Technical Grievances

    Hey, can you please fix reaction links already? Maybe you did or explained how to fix it but I spent twenty minutes scrolling through this thread and never finding the fucking posts about it, and first unread sent me at least ten pages too deep so I have to go calm down.

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