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  1. Jeromeo

    Lolcow Robert Paul Champagne / The Try it Out Guy

    RPC is great lol. I hope he finds a butt buddy to start that pornhub account.
  2. Jeromeo


    I don't get why you would use a VPN unless your using public Wi-Fi. Those VPN companies are just as bad as ISPs lmao. If you really need a VPN I would run one from home or on a VPS. Don't expect a VPN to really hide who you are.
  3. Jeromeo

    Skitzocow Conald Petersen / Fedsmoker / Saint Herkster / Pukekiller / SHEMALE TRANNY CHURCH

    I cant find the vid of him fucking a chick on YouTube anymore. Anyone have a archive Lmfao?
  4. Jeromeo

    The Linux Thread

    What programs haven't been ported over to qt5? Tbh I have had zero issues with plasma.
  5. Jeromeo

    The Linux Thread

    I use arch and the chad KDE.
  6. Jeromeo


    I was going through pamperchus comments a long time ago and this guy was one of his degenerate commenters.
  7. Jeromeo


    Wew, he really spiraled down these past few days.
  8. Jeromeo


    Crinklin rn guys.
  9. Jeromeo


    No wonder why he got cancer.
  10. Jeromeo


    Fucking gross. I thought he stopped that shit after he got cancer?
  11. Jeromeo


    I thought that was just his dog? I don't think you would bury your father in a back yard in suburbia.
  12. Jeromeo


    Does his father live in one of those shacks too?
  13. Jeromeo


    Man that's quite the compound there. buncha diaper shacks.
  14. Jeromeo

    Meghan K. Ringo / MKRNightVee

    based discord trannies.

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