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  1. 'tism

    "ADF" / Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici / Isabel Rosa Araujo

    Couldn't hit a single plate at point blank range. Phil falling on someone is bigger threat than his shooting.
  2. 'tism

    "ADF" / Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici / Isabel Rosa Araujo

    I'm late but, I bet Phil has been looking at police trade in pistols thus the weirdly specific description.
  3. 'tism

    [11 May 2019] Phil Plans to Move Out in June

    I hope he gets run out of Portland. Homeless saga 2: No electricity boogaloo needs a different background.
  4. 'tism

    "ADF" / Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici / Isabel Rosa Araujo

    Still say we need a dedicated firearms thread in this forum to taunt Philthy. And I don't say that just because I finished my first AR build at all.
  5. 'tism

    FIGGIN [2 Feb 19] New shooting video

    Still waiting to see those targets Spuds. Bet he was wearing his firearms instructor patch during this.
  6. 'tism

    FIGGIN [5 Jan 19] Phil is now "Antifa Firearms Instructor"!

    Let's see your targets Phil. Gotta show off those qualifications.
  7. 'tism

    [29 Dec '18] Fat Potato Runs in Public

    Well, I feel better about myself now. thanks Phil.
  8. 'tism

    FIGGIN [25 Oct 18] Phil pledges his life to Antifa

    The only action he's going to see that may result in his death is with a block of cheese.
  9. 'tism

    Tattoos [August 7&9] Antifa Super Scribbles

    A fucking teardrop? Does he even know what that represents?
  10. 'tism

    FIGGIN [3 Aug 18] Phil to punish Kiwi Farms this August

    So what are the chances we're going to get footage of Phil getting his shit kicked in now?
  11. 'tism

    FIGGIN [25 July 18] Phil celebrates 10 years of attention whoring

    I see he forgot the "I have a gun." lie yet again so he's gone back to posing with pseudo-dildos. What the fuck is that thing anyway?
  12. 'tism

    [8 July 18] Phil "packing heat"

    There are techniques for using a club/bat in close quarters but I'm pretty sure the only technique Phil can do with a bat is "Scream like a spaz while feebly flailing around."
  13. 'tism

    [July 4th] Some dumbass let Phil shoot guns

    Now I wanna see Phil shoot a magnum and shit himself at the recoil.
  14. 'tism

    [July 4th] Some dumbass let Phil shoot guns

    Most likely found someone through operation Blazing Sword that somehow had no idea who our spud is.
  15. 'tism

    Happy Daddy Rape Day 2018!

    Angelo did nothing wrong.
  16. 'tism

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    The far left doesn't want you either shit-lips.
  17. 'tism

    [24 Jun 18] Phil claims to go sober to become "Antifa Supersoldier"

    I hope this leads to more stupid soldier larp pictures like the old ones.
  18. 'tism

    Surgery [9 June 18] Rotten snatch photo, 2 weeks post-op

    I don't have enough alcohol to wipe the memory of this from my poor mind.
  19. 'tism

    Megathread Phil's Tumblr Update Megathread

    Christ, Phil can't even draw a curb stomp properly.