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  1. HeraldofNurgle

    Protect your avatars from the coronavirus

    I agree. I mean, he made this virus just for us, and Papa Nurgle works hard to bring such variety to our lives.
  2. HeraldofNurgle

    Zaush / Adam Wan

    Its because most furries are the sexual deviants kicked out of other fandoms. The two biggest rules for kinksters is to 1. Get consent from all involved, hence why doing anything in public is frowned on since nobody in that 'scene' consented to see that shit, and 2. Don't let your kink consume...
  3. HeraldofNurgle

    Autism you witnessed IRL

    This is the story of Ryu, the fighting autist. Another tale from Middle school. Chester the Molester wasn't the only sped at the school. There were plenty others, but the only one I really became friends with was a kid we nicknamed Ryu. Why Ryu? Because he was somehow a fighting game savant. He...
  4. HeraldofNurgle

    Zoosadist Levi Dane Simmons / SnakeThing / Nelizar / Nelizar_Neli / Buttne

    I keep saying that we should bring back gladiator fights, cause I would pay to see pussy bitch Levi vs a gigantic swole skinhead. Or feed him to a pack of hungry dogs. I firmly believe that Levi is going to squeal to get a lighter sentence. How light is unknown, but I would hope it will be at...
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    Debate user "NotSendingTheirBest" on the ethics and morality of executing offending animal and child abusers

    I dunno sometimes these people would rather die than face prison. Leathal injection is too swift a death. Maybe it would be more of a punishment to make them serve in gen pop, and if they somehow manage to survive, brand (PEDO) or the like on their forheads, Inglorious Bastards style. They...
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    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Hasbro owns both Magic the Gathering and MLP so I'm surprised they didn't hit him with a Cease and Desist yet. Hell, there was a group of people making a MTG set featuring the ponies that was free to download for fun and Hasbro told them to stop because they were making said crossover themselves...
  7. HeraldofNurgle

    Zoosadist Levi Dane Simmons / SnakeThing / Nelizar / Nelizar_Neli / Buttne

    Wowie and I thought today couldn't get any better! This warms my diseased black heart with Christmas cheer. If any autists could actually go into the trial and document it that would be awesome.
  8. HeraldofNurgle


    A lot of the childfree people are projecting like hell. Ask any of them and you'll usually find that they themselves had miserable or abusive lives as kids. They then take those feelings of pain and resentment and look at kids having relatively happy lives and hate them for it. Like, a baby is...
  9. HeraldofNurgle

    Post-surgery fun

    I had the same surgery a few years back and played Mass Effect 2 while on hydrocodone. It was a strange experience indeed. I also tried playing Magic the Gathering, which was also an experience too.
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    Autism you witnessed IRL

    This is the story of Chester the Molester. This was back in middle school. My school made it a point to accept in underprivileged kids (This was a boarding school) in order to boost their rep so thus....autists. So many autists. They accepted them, but yet had no tard guards or any type of...
  11. HeraldofNurgle

    Autism you witnessed IRL

    It's mine and it happened. I just write a lot and I like to write experiences as stories. It was bizarre. I have never seen a kid that fat before and such a skeletal woman. And the shrieking was fucking painful. I dunno if there's something in the water due to this city being next to...
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    Autism you witnessed IRL

    A few years ago, I went on a tard cum run to the local big chain grocery store. I was in the Moo juice aisle deciding if I wanted whole or 2%, when I heard this bizarre chattering behind me. It was this low guttural 'ice creeem' in the typical lack of emotion tone that most speds have. I turned...
  13. HeraldofNurgle

    Thread of horrors. What's the most terrible thing you've seen online?

    The first terrible thing I ever saw online was back when was still up, and there was a photo of someone undergoing surgery. They had a strand of large intestine and were just squeezing/pulling out a massive amount of round worms. Like, the entire intestine was filled full of worms...
  14. HeraldofNurgle

    Containment What will happen when Barb dies?

    I don't know anything about group homes, but how would someone who is perpetually broke and in debt get into one? Would the home just take his tugboat? Would the government pay for it? If Barb was awful enough to have Chris co-sign on some of her loans, what would happen to him then?
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    Blaire White alleges Yaniv is masturbating on camera in front of minors, moaning Blaire's name (12/10)

    Yaniv needs to be locked up and kept away from the general public.
  16. HeraldofNurgle

    Twitter 12/7 - Chris triggered over fanart redesigns, sick with UTI

    Chris has no excuse with how he holds his pencils. There's a whole group of artists that draw with just their mouths or feet. Chris's problem is his refusal to change. Someone could buy him a 500$ set of Copic markers, one of the best art markers on the market, but he'd refuse to use them...
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    Cursed Images

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    Cursed Images

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    Twitter 12/7 - Chris triggered over fanart redesigns, sick with UTI

    On one hand, this is an example on why you never draw anything for or related to Chris due to his huge ego and lack of gratitude....but on the other hand it's hilarious to see him get triggered this badly over artists that can draw way better than him. For fucks sake the guy has been drawing...
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    The Kiwi Farms House

    If anyone wants to worship our loving Granpa Nurgle, there's an old bunker in the back. Just look for the rusty metal door built into the side of a hill and come on down. NO WORSHIPERS OF THE FALSE GOD, THE DEAD EMPEROR, ALLOWED.