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  1. Cosmos

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    I've noticed that a lot of Kiwis are JoJo fans, so I figured it's about time to make a thread on one of the greatest series ever. Plus, we can shitpost here while we wait for the Part 5 anime to be confirmed. I'll start us off with some Jojokes:
  2. Cosmos

    The NSA is going to fuck everyone over

    This might violate the "no US politics" rule, but I think this is pretty damn important and needs to be shared. With only days until Donald Trump takes office, the Obama announced new rules that will let the NSA share vast amounts of private data gathered without warrant, court orders or...
  3. Cosmos

    The Creepy Thread v2

    Last year, in preparation for Halloween, I created a thread to share creepy things. So I wanted to do the same thing this year! Feel free to post your favorite scary movies, stories, videos, pictures, and so on. I'll get things going with some recommendations. And I have a lot of them...
  4. Cosmos

    Views on America/American people

    Non-American Kiwis, what are the views on the United States and the American people as a whole in your countries? It seems as though the view of us is predominately negative, although I'm hoping that that negativity is aimed at the actions of our government and not at us as a whole.
  5. Cosmos


    With the Euro migrant crisis and the upcoming U.S. election, immigration has been a hot topic. So I figured I'd make an all-purpose thread to discuss the concept of immigration itself. Generally, I think immigration is good, but only if immigrants are willing to integrate into their host...
  6. Cosmos


    In recent years, more and more young people are deciding that parenthood really isn't for them and so decide to remain childfree. Many of them receive a lot of blowback from the people around them for their decision, which is understandably frustrating. So they turn to online forums for support...
  7. Cosmos

    Affirmative action

    How do you guys feel about affirmative action, aka "positive discrimination"? I'm very mixed on the idea. While I do think that it's important for minorities who have been discriminated against to be able to get the education/jobs they need to have a successful life, I'm also against it if it...
  8. Cosmos

    ITT we circlejerk about each other and the Farms

    Kiwi Farms is a great site and we're all cool people. Including @Dynastia.
  9. Cosmos

    Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

    This series recently came to a close (on June 19th, specifically) so I decided to make a thread to talk about it. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (often abbreviated to DHMIS) is a web series of short films. Each episode is made to appear like a typical children's television program, consisting of...
  10. Cosmos


    We have a thread on Mystery Science Theater 3000 but not Rifftrax, so I decided to rectify that. I've been into Rifftrax for about four years now. Shockingly, I have never seen MST3K (I know, I know, I keep meaning to rectify that). I have almost all of their riffs, occupying over 300 gigabytes...
  11. Cosmos


    I was motivated to make this thread after stumbling across the r/Truecels subreddit. I originally thought I could just post a few screencaps in the Random Posts thread... until I noticed the rule sidebar. Wait, what was that about number 2? Um, what? Let's click the link. "However, there...
  12. Cosmos


    So do any other Kiwis here have trypophobia? If you don't know what I'm talking about, just look at these pictures. If you feel any disgust, fear, or discomfort, you probably have trypophobia. Ugh, Googling this shit made me feel nauseous. Scientists have suggested that trypophobia is...
  13. Cosmos

    The Copyright Debate

    In the digital age, copyright laws are being debated like never before. There are several things to consider... Copyright pros: Copyright protects the owners of intellectual property by preventing people from making money off their work or plagiarizing from them. It encourages creativity...
  14. Cosmos

    Unsolved Mysteries

    When I was browsing the Chris Chandler: Unsolved Mysteries thread, I was surprised to see that so many people liked my post where I posted the Unsolved Mysteries theme song. I was even more surprised to see other Unsolved Mysteries references throughout the thread. I've just never seen much of...
  15. Cosmos

    LISTEN &/OR BELIEVE What would you do if you had a time machine?

    I would go back in time to prevent women from getting the right to vote because it's literally destroyed the Western world. I would also murder any prominent feminists to keep them from spreading the cancer of feminism. Then GamerGate wouldn't even be a thing because gaming journalism would...
  16. Cosmos


    E T H I C S T H I C S
  17. Cosmos

    CUCK! Petition to rename KotakuInAction to CucktakuInAction

    Because they're a bunch of fucking CUCKS.
  18. Cosmos

    Why are transwomen more likely to be lolcows than transmen?

    We now have an entire category for transwomen lolcows. However, I can't think of many lolcows that are transmen. Furthermore, transmen seem to be much more subdued when it comes to their transness, not centering their entire identities around it. Why do you think that is?
  19. Cosmos

    The Creepy Thread

    This is a thread where we share things that scare, disturb, or creep us out. They can be stories, videos, or photos. It goes without saying that if you're easily scared, this probably isn't the thread for you. I was inspired to make this thread after coming across... this. This is real...
  20. Cosmos

    LISTEN &/OR BELIEVE We need to open concentration camps for cucks and SJWs

    Hitler had the right idea, you guys. We need force SJWs, cucks, shills, feminists, and like 65% of all women into concentration camps where they will be exterminated. Only then will we finally have our vidya back. Vidya and ethics in vidya are worth infinitely more than human life. Not only...