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  1. Coldgrip

    Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826

    Way to be a cultural appropriating shitlord, Alex. Because you don't, nugga.
  2. Coldgrip

    World Stalin's Approval Rating Hits Record High Among Russians

    And a top-tier troll.
  3. Coldgrip

    Disaster Woman caught on video tossing a plastic bag full of puppies near a trash bin

    Well, where else are you suppose to put trash?
  4. Coldgrip

    War Whiteness Studies' Professor Says White People Who Treat All Races Equally Are 'Dangerous'

    Like that bitch would listen to a minority.
  5. Coldgrip

    War Whiteness Studies' Professor Says White People Who Treat All Races Equally Are 'Dangerous'

    So what about us darkies that believe in treating people as equals?
  6. Coldgrip

    Culture Inuit's accuse Cree Singer of Culturally appropriating Throat Singing

    I like how this is the shit they worry about. Not raging alcoholism, the meth problems, or the blatant racism within the native groups, it's this shit.
  7. Coldgrip

    World Dad fights off dingo which took toddler from campervan on Fraser Island off Queensland coast

    Many countries have canids that will eat a kid, or an adult, if given the chance. Australians, for some damn reason, seem to forget this.
  8. Coldgrip

    Disaster Doggie co-pilot causes crash, kills 90 year old owner

    This is why it's important to make sure your dog is always secure when you fly. Like by tying the cage to the top of the plane or stowing them away in the cargo hold.
  9. Coldgrip

    Inactive femme4memes / Nia Fae Loy / Connor James Loy

    I'm willing to bet that in a few months this guy and John (Chloe) will be completely forgotten. That is, until another troon commits suicide and then they might remember Connor, but will likely of forgotten about John.
  10. Coldgrip

    Law The Mueller Report

    Oh there's a wall alright, only Trump is building it.
  11. Coldgrip

    Disaster Extinction Rebellion threaten to shut down London

    It might damage the plane?
  12. Coldgrip

    Science Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism

    Facebook can do what it wants to with it's platform. This includes being a a bunch of hypocritical douchebags that will strike down some edgy idiot's page with a swastika on their profile, but turn a blind eye to muslims calling for the destruction of western civilization. I don't agree with...
  13. Coldgrip

    World Endangered Kiwi Parrot Has Record Breeding Season

    They are truly our spirit animals.
  14. Coldgrip

    Disaster Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Megathread

    Like this bitch read the report.
  15. Coldgrip

    Science Prominent Rabbi: Eating Genetically Cloned Pork is Kosher

    I'm not a religious man anymore, but I can't help but feel that trying to out-lawyer god, you know, that omnipotent being that sees everything, knows everything and how it'll turn out, is just asking to get you and your nation struck with a few divine plagues. Or at the least a few bears to eat...
  16. Coldgrip

    David Price / Destiny "Dee" Price / MangudiaForce

    ...There's some real irony in your post there, Dave.
  17. Coldgrip

    Sony forces Japanese developers to censor sexual content

    PC Master Race.
  18. Coldgrip

    War Skinless Baby Born In Texas

    Yeah, but without the skin they lose most of their flavor.
  19. Coldgrip

    Jonathan C. Holiday / TransEthics / Toren Valimir / Toren Wilder / Victoria "Vikki" Valimir/Darling

    He has that alcoholic bum look to him. The kind of look that even those sympathetic to the homeless know to avoid because they know they're drunken fuck-ups.

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