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  1. Spergsaplenty

    Megathread Random Updates

    His dad should of killed him when he threw those accusations around lol, it's probably true though so he didn't have the balls , and holy shit he punched his DISABLED mother? hahaha this guy is more hard core than I thought if all this is true this faggot is DANGEROUSLY autistic..
  2. Spergsaplenty

    Megathread Random Updates

    His dad needs to bitch slap him into reality and tell him to get a job and stop playing communist larping,
  3. Spergsaplenty

    Megathread Random Updates

    'antifa barracks' Lmfao Phil makes me want to die , how doesn't he see that him calling his shithole little hovel antifa barracks is like referring to himself as an antifa super soldier, it's so cringe and hyperbole. how can he think he's anything but utter lulz for society??
  4. Spergsaplenty

    Tommy Tooter General Discussion

    I love this picture of miss tooter
  5. Spergsaplenty

    Tommy Tooter General Discussion

    Holy shit tooter never fails to give me cancer like straight up I thought I had heard it all from him then I see he's glad he's gotten so fat he can't see his disgusting lower half hahahaha fuck Tommy is gold
  6. Spergsaplenty


    I would eat justinRPG so he may finally have his wish. And also to permanently silence his annoying ass
  7. Spergsaplenty

    [11 May 2019] Phil Plans to Move Out in June

    Hahahahahahahahhahaha fuck I am knee slapping dying
  8. Spergsaplenty

    Law Denver first in U.S. to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms

    I like the idea of this, not just because I like shrooms, they are almost impossible to stop people from possessing because they grow wild, and not that many people are Keen to start using shrooms if they haven't before . Even to regular drug users they seem quite frightening. The other part of...
  9. Spergsaplenty

    4-7-2019 Tom's Saxophone Got Stolen

    God forbid someone should donate one cent so that this old pedo can keep annoying the fuck out of people in public and shitting up the atmosphere anywhere he is allowed
  10. Spergsaplenty

    4-7-2019 Tom's Saxophone Got Stolen

    How does somebody like Tommy even get credit from anywhere I don't understand this world
  11. Spergsaplenty

    Period Fetishists On Fetlife

    The guy stuck needles into his grundle and pelvic area for fun and they removed some ungodly amount out of him, I don't see why he wouldn't do some other fucked up shit like human candle'ing himself lol
  12. Spergsaplenty

    Period Fetishists On Fetlife

    I think he probably just like turtle headed them in his anal and then set them on fire lol
  13. Spergsaplenty

    Mount Everest is covered in garbage and dead bodies: report

    Well they were Nepalese so they were probably pretty black
  14. Spergsaplenty

    Mount Everest is covered in garbage and dead bodies: report

    Fun fact - it was a Kiwi and his black man servants who first conquered Everest, And fuck these dead would be mountaineers, there's probably some sick diamonds or Ruby's in those meltig glaciers..
  15. Spergsaplenty

    Period Fetishists On Fetlife

    These trannies are pussy Albert fish used to dip cotton balls in alcohol and then stick them in his ass and set them on fire lmao, these sick fucks aren't far off though
  16. Spergsaplenty

    Cursed Images

    I knew this guy called fish, he had some type of mental illness and this guy was/is like a crack head but for tobacco, he will take your butts out the tray if you didn't care, this cunt probably never washed his jacket cause you could just smell like stale as fuck cigar butt rerolls in your...
  17. Spergsaplenty

    4-7-2019 Tom's Saxophone Got Stolen

    You'd think , just because Tommy is involved lol
  18. Spergsaplenty

    Cursed Images

  19. Spergsaplenty

    Desmond Daniel Amofah (Etika) was detained by police after twitter meltdown

    Almost all streamers are mentally ill because after sitting in front of a screen for 5-20 hours there's not much time left for socializing or family or much else other than eating and sleeping. If they had any IRL friends to begin with they grow distant from them. That with the pressure to...
  20. Spergsaplenty

    Disaster Synagogue Shooting in Poway, California

    That 8chan post sounded like 'hi there fellow memers'

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