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  1. Clovis

    Disaster Vandals trash model railway exhibit

    ...Yeah but it's Lincolnshire, so the miscreants are probably not ethnics, just inbred yokel chavscum. I dunno. I feel the difference is those things give more understandable personal gratification in the moment. I dont condone, but i can relate. Regardless of the magnitude pf the consequences...
  2. Clovis

    Gross Anna Johnson / The Fit Vegan Ginger / Creation Nutrition / Anna's Organics Lynchburg

    I am genuinely astonished. Why does she insist on pulling that fucking face when she can look relatively normal? "You, little one, are made to fight. You, little one, are born to rise" go out there and get those bullshit doctorates. Go out there and post your creepy selfies from your...
  3. Clovis

    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Could it be that the average 'average woman' is still a 14 but there are more deathfats being kept alive/allowed to get even bigger and that small percentage of large bodies is skewing the statistics? 🤔
  4. Clovis

    Community Munchausen's by Internet (Malingerers, Munchies, Spoonies, etc)

    Amazing. She's like the ur-munchie. Imagine giving up your job, you marriage and you hair to be fake sick for internet attention. ...And having the nerve to keep going to the Drs claiming you can't eat while constantly increasing in mass.
  5. Clovis

    I just got way too excited about the voynich manuscript possibly being solved.

    I just got way too excited about the voynich manuscript possibly being solved.
  6. Clovis

    Digital art is a curse and a blessing.

    Why hate on tablets? Even without tablets there are scanners and cameras, which make it just as easy to share old skool analog 'art' online. Fan Fiction gas always been a crawling cesspit of depravity, and online, text is arguably more sharable than imagery.
  7. Clovis

    Offal - Organ Meats aren't awful when done right

    Liver, kidneys, blood sausage, tongue - all good. I draw the line at cheap burgers and sausages though, i assume theyre made of spines, labia and rectums. Speaking of which, I once accidentally ate a Chinese pig bowel dish and now I have to live with the fact I am familiar with the taste of pig...
  8. Clovis

    What have you recently eaten?

    Basic weeknight fare: Lentils, peppers, cherry tomatoes, periperi sauce, blob of low fat soft cheese. Took about 5 min to cook and used up veg out of the fridge. 🤷‍♂️ Paired with a budget Chilean merlot.
  9. Clovis

    Why does the internet feel less special and interesting now than it did in the mid 00s

    I'm so glad it's not just me. As an oldfag Usenet fossil I can't believe there are now a generation of legal adults who've really only ever known an internet experience mediated by big corporations. I know things will never go back to that charming, ugly, accessible wild frontier we used to...
  10. Clovis

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    I've wondered about autism due to his mind-blindness and self-centredness but I think he's just a narcissist :- Shallow and fascile. Lacks empathy Zero introspection Constantly rewrites reality to suit his ego Narc rages way out of proportion to any perceived threat to his self image Grandose...
  11. Clovis


    Fuck this thread. Fuck it for making me seriously dredge through my brain for a cow that isn't so dirty, repulsive or diseased that I would consider putting any part of them near my mouth. :barf:
  12. Clovis

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    I almost can't believe anyone could have so little aesthetic sensibility, that anyone could see 8 fingers and think "Yeah, that'll do". (...But then I look at the way he dresses and I actually can believe it). JFC, Russ. It would have taken a couple of minutes to fix that clone tool fuckup and...
  13. Clovis

    Gross Anna Johnson / The Fit Vegan Ginger / Creation Nutrition / Anna's Organics Lynchburg

    Anna is confusing me lately. -I'm surprised she admits to chewing artificially flavoured and sweetened gum made of icky chemicals. -I've always wished shed wear makeup but then she did and managed to look even worse. -She's being all coy and not showing off her shiny new shitbag all over SM.
  14. Clovis

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    The best (worst?) Thing is that he has no understanding of what would really impress other people. He truly does live in an RPG world with status and women being stats he needs to build up. There's no nuance or engagement with real life. But I guess that's what makes you so fascinating, Russ. ...
  15. Clovis

    Dox yourself in the vaguest way possible

    Hey, what's got two thumbs and is called Clovis?‽ :indicates self with both thumbs: :grins stupidly:
  16. Clovis

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    Not just to deaf people, Russ. ...and is he implying the disabled have to follow certain rules that don't apply to the non-disabled? ...isn't that, er, discrimination? A bit hypocritical of you there, Russ.
  17. Clovis

    Most autistic thing you've purchased lately

    I recently bought a megalodon tooth from a fossil shop. Because apparently I'm still an 8yr old on a permanant school trip. Why?
  18. Clovis

    Today I have... Thread.

    :feels: Always good to hear about rats in good homes. Give those fuzzy babies a treat for me. Today I finished a work-related chemistry course and took myself off to the pub for a few drinks to obliterate all my new knowledge. I also taught a colleague to moonwalk.
  19. Clovis

    So. I just finished a business trip, eating crap holiday inn food on the company dime and today...

    So. I just finished a business trip, eating crap holiday inn food on the company dime and today is pretty blah ...then i check KF and Greer chimps out and fails at a DMCA. Im laughing into my phone. (...Alone; like a spaz). Today is redeemed.
  20. Clovis

    Snowflake Abby Cappleman / Abby The Aspienaut / Abbey May / @0ldS0ul_abby

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