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  1. Poiseon

    Law In letter, 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh said ISIS 'doing a spectacular job'

    What the actual fuck. How does this motherfucker even get considered for a good behavior release when he's actively telling people, people in the fucking media mind you, that he supports Americas' military enemies and vicious killers of children and other innocents?
  2. Poiseon

    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    God damn he is a fucking salty bitch. I don't read the Bob thread much, as just getting through op takes a while due to Bobs' insane level of autism, but seeing his full sperg outs baffle me. I know the media is biased as fuck, but how does Bob still have a Twitter account? He's not important...
  3. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Not to forget that a member of his family, FDR, had fucking polio and still got up to stand during his speeches to tell Americans not to be afraid. Can you imagine that? A guy barely able to walk telling the whole country not to fear? Because we are Americans and we get shit done? AND making you...
  4. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Lemmingwise said the Fourth of June at the earliest.
  5. Poiseon

    Disaster North Carolina city files lawsuit against RV company for flying American flag out of city ordinance Let's start a GoFundMe and get one of these fuckers for them.
  6. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Until the Fourth of June? Bummer :( I don't know the history behind the troll dude, just that he used to post a shitload in this thread. Thanks for the clarification on that.
  7. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    3% is pretty fucking abysmal. And just comparing himself to Trump in general is a fucking grandiose delusion. If I were to really think of an appropriate American political candidate to compare Carl to, it would be Brianna Wu.
  8. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Typically I don't agree with the 'any defenders or fanboys could be the man himself' theories people come up with, but this one seems more grounded in reality. This dude is like Sargon when he doesn't have the demeanor he puts on during his videos. Flip a coin odds really. also yeah. He could...
  9. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Having checked out his subscribestar, he may actually be okay financially after this. At least for a little while. At the minimum of $1 US each, he's making a pretty good chunk of change. Now, if Carl even has half a brain cell left, he'll use this money to pay off any outstanding debts, sell...
  10. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Another thing about his stratergy to pull a Trump. He's not in America. The people of England have never had the same cultural connection to things like personal liberties that Americans do. Especially in the last twenty years as Britain has gone full re-tard an fucked their rights so hard...
  11. Poiseon

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Trying to write this post took a lot longer than I expected. I re-read the site list for the media embed like seven times trying to read the nonexistent line under it. Fuck. Cali is a shithole but we have some good weed. I encourage everyone to take a hit or two before reading the last five...
  12. Poiseon

    World Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri fuel stereotype that women are "subservient" - UN report

    I can see this in a commercial. If they actually did a voice like this I might consider buying their AI spybots. Fuck. This made me laugh so hard I have a fucking headache.
  13. Poiseon

    Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

    Okay, so everyone here regardless of position on the spectrum loves shitting on this dumbshit. I wasn't in the whole gamergate thing, and know little of the players involved. What are the odds he actually wins in this election? Like some numbers or something because with what I know of Wu, I...
  14. Poiseon

    Law Good Samaritan spends two weeks in a maximum security prison after woman whose car he helped fix falsely accused him of indecent assault

    Dude, this obviously shows how knowledgeable you are in regards to actual law and the real world. Fucking seriously. Can we add this shit to the site quotes?
  15. Poiseon

    Disturbing, and / or Dark Animated Movies and Shows

    Yeah and my sister will hate me. You take the good with the bad.
  16. Poiseon

    Disturbing, and / or Dark Animated Movies and Shows

    Just got done watching Felidae. Turned out way better than I expected. Downloaded. Can't wait to scar my sisters kids when they come to visit. I do have something new to add to the thread here. It's the dead Space Cartoon. Found a full version on YouTube with Arabic subtitles. Not ideal, but it...
  17. Poiseon

    New Coke is coming back

    Niggers you make sub-par soda. Pull your heads out of your asses, your shit don't smell sweeter than anyone else.
  18. Poiseon

    Brenton Tarrant posts on 8chan, shoots up Mosque killing 49 muslims in New Zealand, livestreams from GoPro

    The funniest part is that he'll sit in a jail cell, or a psych ward for say... twenty years? Fifteen with probation and he'll be a free man. They don't have the death penalty, and this country is too cucked to even do a full sentence.
  19. Poiseon

    Hundreds of migrants occupy France's Charles de Gaulle airport, demand to meet the Prime Minister and call for an end to deportations

    How totally fucking cucked are Europeans? I rarely use the word cuck, but God damn if it should be redefined to solely mean bitch ass Eurotrash. These scumsucking niggers shut down an entire airport, and have the gall to make demands about meeting the Prime Minister? What about Macron? Isn't he...
  20. Poiseon

    Means TV, With a Boost from the Nyan Cat, Launches a Post-Capitalist Streaming Service

    I keep thinking this shit can't be real, but I know it is. This is so, so sad. "Hey, we're socialists, can you give us a shit load of money to start a socialist streaming service?" This is so fucking re-tarded. What are you guys doing? This will burn so hard. Like a fucking polar bear soaked...

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