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  1. StyrofoamFridge

    Culture Former Indiana Official Wants Buttigieg to Denounce Fisting, Rimming

    So what if he licks butthole? Long as the balls don't touch, it's not gay. This fag is unelectable, I don't care that you're gay. Us both liking dongs and man butt doesn't make your horrible policy plan any more tolerable. Buttigeig couldn't even acknowledge the fact that Trump has accepted...
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    Culture Swedes up in arms as govt mulls potential ban on ancient ‘Nazi’ runes

    Sweden Government can be all "one apple spoils the whole bunch" when it comes to White Swedes, but regarding any Muslim Wahabbists, they make excuses for their behavior and give them passes. A country that literally begins to smelt their own history to scrap metal is bound for radical change or...
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    everything is about to change.... 1/29/2019

    Absolutely right. Amber's done nothing but gain weight and couldn't even stick to the numerous failed plans, so far. She was around 550 during this period and is on her way to 570, now. Just a testament that the cycle is real. We've had Optavia, Shrimpgate, Exercizelynn, and now we have...
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    Amber says dumb shit on social media

    Getting flustered about scabs, even on Snapchat.
  5. StyrofoamFridge

    David Price / Destiny "Dee" Price / MangudiaForce

    @Dee Price, I'd rather take it up my ass than cut off my dick. :trump:
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    War Who has been 'milkshaked' and why is it being thrown over far-right campaigners?

    I'd say moreso the Baby Boomers and their millennial children; Gen X'rs (whom have kids who are usually Gen Z) are usually real and upfront with their kids if we are are speaking in generalizations. The left could do with a little more class, less derangement, and certainly less commie talk...
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    What are the best ice cream flavors?

    Bunny Tracks Italian Wedding Cake Chocolate G'nosh Cookie Dough Mint Chocolate Chip
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    Science NASA wants to start Moon settling by 2024 - "We. Are. Going."

    The implications of humanity gaining a foothold in space is something to ponder. Imagine how much of a new start humanity could have with colonists that constitute the best, brightest, and most genetically healthy we have to offer. That, or we could make the Moon and Mars the new penal colonies...
  9. StyrofoamFridge

    Science NASA wants to start Moon settling by 2024 - "We. Are. Going."

    The mid term goal is to gradually terraform Mars and explore the possibilities of other avenues in the Sol system and beyond as science advances.
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    What does Amber go through mentally that is so stressful aside from being in a deathfat body? All she does is sit at home with no positive motivation or stressors in life. "Depresheynn" and anxiety are not the problem, personality disorder is; Gorl is stuck in a constant loop because she's her...
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    Disaster Interesting clickbait, op-eds, fluff pieces and other smaller stories

    The constitution deserves far more study in public education and college. Kids would benefit from learning Constitutional and standard Criminal law. There's no ifs, ands, or buts when it comes to the 1st Amendment. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or...
  12. StyrofoamFridge

    Anti-trans transgender people

    Now Tom is defending kids doing drag shows and stripping at clubs. (Desmond is Amazing for example) "I don't care what people do with their kids, it's none of my fucking buisness. What's the difference between drag and beauty pageants?"
  13. StyrofoamFridge

    Anti-trans transgender people

    Tom just admitted to sucking off a man a few weeks ago.
  14. StyrofoamFridge

    Anti-trans transgender people

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    Disaster Vandals trash model railway exhibit

    I wonder, who could have done this? 🇵🇰
  17. StyrofoamFridge

    Law Some US Cities are Moving Into Real-Time Facial Surveillance

    Dystopia is breaching our door with a battering ram, one knock at a time.
  18. StyrofoamFridge

    Pope Francis tells the press: ‘The church is on your side,’ denounces fake news

    The Catholic church is a cult and many of their insane practices are not even based in Christianity or biblical theology. Pope Francis is a cuck who licks Muslim feet, why would anyone with a brain care when he supports propagandists? (Reminder from Gail that the Jesuits are causing the...
  19. StyrofoamFridge

    Off-Topic James Charles / James Charles Dickinson

    This whole "Yasss queen slay canceled" culture is dumb. The mobs of teeny boppers and has-been 28 year olds think entirely in black-and-white regurgitated sayings. James was a dumb, thirsty fag but a lot of the ammo against him has been artifical hyperbole. This Tati lady is a vapid, vindictive...
  20. StyrofoamFridge

    Mother and daughter charged with strangling teen mom, cutting baby from womb

    Just like men in prison don't tolerate chomos, Women in prison HATE murderers of mothers and baby killers. These women are in for a world of trouble if they're not segregated from general pop.

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