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  1. GethN7

    Historical Lolcows

    I covered Senator Roscoe Conkling in this thread awhileback, let's now cover his rival, Maine's James G. Blaine. Blaine initially came off as the more mature of the two Republicans during the Gilded Age of American politics, basically letting Conkling self destruct himself while keeping his...
  2. GethN7

    Shane Holmberg / Shane Presley Holmberg

    Ah, @Shane_Yes_That_One, you just tipped your hand. Vic is the plaintiff here, and he KNOWS his dirty laundry will be dredged up during this process, but he's still going through with this, so the other side has more to lose than he does both financially and via reputation. Second, you've...
  3. GethN7

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    He's the horrible result of untreated mental illness, narcissism, and taking all the wrong lessons on how to view things with perspective rolled into one. First off, he was born with a deformity, which is not insurmountable by itself. Problem is, he has untreated (or at least under-treated)...
  4. GethN7

    The Death Penalty

    For the unrepentant who gleefully admit their crimes and would do so again without doubt, they deserve death. They have no respect for the rights and lives of others, why should we respect theirs? I'd include anyone who has committed brutal crimes against women, children, or animals in this...
  5. GethN7

    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Best part is that it's not even in character for Uhura. In the show itself, a bunch of aliens conjure up a bunch of shades of famous figures, including Abe Lincoln, who at first calls her a negress but then apologizes, saying that may have been rude of him, but she brushes it off, it would have...
  6. GethN7

    NeoGAF & ResetERA

    I have no doubt many of them give in and play these games anyway because, let's face it, hypocrisy is their bread and butter, and whenever they relax the controls ever so slightly, they all reveal themselves wrongthinkers. They are basically a forum of Judge Claude Frollos, because the more...
  7. GethN7
  8. GethN7

    Fanfiction tropes you hate

    Given it's a crossover medium that lacks a "hub" for all the characters to congregate in a logical fashion, it was likely invented as a storywriting shortcut to avoid a long, drawn out setup for putting them all in the same general area. It makes sense from that perspective, but it's become a...
  9. GethN7 Yeah, I write for them now, proud of it.
  10. GethN7

    Infected r/KotakuinAction & r/KotakuInAction2 (KiA)

    If someone disagrees in good faith, that's stupid. In bad faith, okay, I get that. Unfortunately, discourse has gotten so polarized any disagreement has become bad faith.
  11. GethN7

    The Yakuza Series

    Curiously enough, despite the fact my PC should not be able to run it at absolute max settings (it's somewhat under max requirements), I've noted no framerate issues even with most settings on High, and it overall tends to run quite smoothly.
  12. GethN7

    Lolcow Christopher McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends

    The sheer brass of this deviant. HIS OWN WORDS confirm he tried to sex chat with minors more than once. Actual confirmed minors have denounced the shit he pulled. But we made up multiple attempts by him to corrupt children is gonna be his defense despite proof we could not have faked in...
  13. GethN7

    Shane Holmberg / Shane Presley Holmberg

    Considering THE DEFENSE STARTED ALL THIS SHIT AND CLAIMED THEY COULD LINE UP HUNDREDS OF WITNESSES for the longest time prior to the plaintiff getting a lawyer involved, I call bullshit on this.
  14. GethN7

    Victor Mignogna v. Funimation Productions, LLC, et al.

    If they burned it to the ground prior, they figure they can dodge consequences, assuming that's what happened. Going off that premise, someone must have had a neuron spark and realized they could have a lot of things exposed to air they didn't want exposed. And, if we still assume that's true...
  15. GethN7

    Cultcow Mikemikev / Michael Coombs / Twinkle Toes / Velcro Pants

    I regret you are unwilling to engage me in a discussion of views, and I'm sorry you feel so hostile.
  16. GethN7

    Shane Holmberg / Shane Presley Holmberg

    So if someone has proof Vic is actually guilty, people are sick for wanting to see it, even if it's graphic yet proves Vic indeed deserves guilt. My mind is blowing a fuse trying to understand how that makes sense.
  17. GethN7

    Cultcow Mikemikev / Michael Coombs / Twinkle Toes / Velcro Pants

    Sad, as he posted his point after I quoted the first half of his message, to which I have a comment. He believes me wrong for opposing his beliefs, fair enough. However, his beliefs that immigration is being used to commit a genocide of white people are flawed because immigration alone does not...
  18. GethN7

    Cultcow Mikemikev / Michael Coombs / Twinkle Toes / Velcro Pants

    Would you refrain from making vile insults about me when I have refrained from referring to you with profanity and vileness? A Quid pro quo requires giving something for getting something.
  19. GethN7

    Cultcow Mikemikev / Michael Coombs / Twinkle Toes / Velcro Pants

    Micheal, I'm sorry you feel that way. In my view, I do not hold contempt for you as a human being. I do hold a sizable amount of contempt for your unwillingness to be civil, find a lot of your political beliefs in utter opposition to my own, and believe you act in large part based on motives of...
  20. GethN7

    Cultcow Mikemikev / Michael Coombs / Twinkle Toes / Velcro Pants

    When the debate has concluded and there is irrefutable evidence you stuck with it till the end without any excuses, then yes. Otherwise, talk is cheap.

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