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    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    based, I liked my chat with drexel
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    Andy Warski / Adam "Race" Warski / Andy Pires / Warski Live / The Warski Show

    who the fuck would send face nudes to andy warski
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    Software Endorsements

    Probably because of the FTC and KYC requirements from the PATRIOT act.
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    PULL Gawking Thread

    Cut the shit out with the fucking faggot reaction images and giphy hotlinking. If you're going to attach something to the site, re-upload it to the site, and if you're going to post, it shouldn't read like a tweet from a soccer mom.
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    What is up with the Captcha for Kiwi farms registration/login?

    Are you fucking deaf? No, there isn't. If you can't figure out the captcha you're a fucking moron.
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    $ ChainLink Fucking Mooning

    still not buying your stinky links
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    PULL Gawking Thread

    I enjoy conspiracy. They probably took it down to purge conversation tables and shit.
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    Community Pretty Ugly Little Liar (PULL)

    You can put your site anywhere in the world, but it's harder to put your own ass anywhere in the world and live with the consequences. PULL grills are welcome to join, won't even bully them for it. No one has to know. ;^)
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    PULL Gawking Thread

    >mfw we outlive another And no, those are where the CLOUDFLARE servers are.
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    The next step of Doxing?

    send $100 in BTC to my address and I will tell you
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    Chris Bryant / Simba Lion / Leader of Furry Menagerie / Furry Valley

    lol if you're going to report him to sharia police for caning you're doing it without me and probably shouldn't talk about it here.
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    Jeffery Allen / Gottfried Roser / Grandmaster Roser / Talon Combat System / Roser Martial Arts Center

    A future-former retired Marine once told me he loved me.
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    Jeffery Allen / Gottfried Roser / Grandmaster Roser / Talon Combat System / Roser Martial Arts Center

    I think he doesn't realized it got moved to its own thread. He's also advertising our Monica Rial thread.
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    Hugeass photo reporting

    If a post's formatting is so bad it makes the site less usable, report it.
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    Ladies and gentleman, we got him

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    Chris Bryant / Simba Lion / Leader of Furry Menagerie / Furry Valley

    A complaint forwarded from our wonderful hosts at
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    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    To humor myself I searched "#IStandWithVic OR #vickicksback OR #kickvic" in the Twitter thing and there's zero anti-vic stuff on that timeline. Does there exist opposition to this pushback outside of the few weirdos and PULL?

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