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  1. carltondanks

    World Mike Pence says banning pride flags at US embassies is 'the right decision'

    mike pence should rig a rainbow flag to burn through electricity. that would just be the icing on the cake
  2. carltondanks

    What would trigger your transsexual woman anus of a man sexual pleasure

    do you realize that 4chan exists? you can just go there and rile those fuckers up pretty easily.
  3. carltondanks

    College suspends student for posing with gun at gun range

    "During the following suspension meeting, Gary-Donovan allegedly said that Dallas had a “mean look” on her face in the picture, and that she was possessing “illegal guns.” Also according to the complaint, Gary-Donovan told Dallas that “things you do in the dark come in to the light.” " just say...
  4. carltondanks

    Chris Franklin/Errant continues his spiel on video game companies' political stances

    it means "I agree with centrism except when it's against me"
  5. carltondanks

    Disaster Michigan 'beyond 11th hour' as Asian carp move closer to Great Lakes

    why don't we just cross breed in another invasive species specifically designed to kill asian carp and once they're all gone, the invasive species that we developed ends up dying because it can only feed on asian carp
  6. carltondanks

    Disaster Multiple Flu Cases Confirmed at San Diego Migrant Shelter

    is this going to be the swine flu all over again?
  7. carltondanks

    YouTube changing the way subscriber counts are displayed by exclusively using rounded numbers

    my money's on this not working, and outside sources can still track subscribers by the individual numbers
  8. carltondanks

    Culture Swedes up in arms as govt mulls potential ban on ancient ‘Nazi’ runes

    about time the swedish people started fighting back
  9. carltondanks

    Law In letter, 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh said ISIS 'doing a spectacular job'

    i mean he's just proving that america is a better country by letting him speak. our enemies sure as fuck wouldn't let people speak their minds
  10. carltondanks

    Law Major breakthrough as Australian Federal Police arrest nerd over giving video editing software to ISIS

    i wonder if he did it on purpose or not. it doesn't say in the article. also, of course it's brisbane
  11. carltondanks

    salt thread

    the plane ones were way worse. easily the worst mission in the entire game is when you have to fly a plane behind another plane so that you can highjack it. run-killing mission, 100%
  12. carltondanks

    Culture Republican Google Engineer Writes Open Letter About Company’s ‘Outrage Mobs’ And ‘Witch Hunts’

    it's all a publicity stunt. a lot of companies will say they want an open and free market, but the second another company comes into that market that they don't like, they're anti competition and they want that company gone. same thing with a lot of leftist stuff too. the left will say that...
  13. carltondanks

    LGBT Kiwis

    i am bill gate
  14. carltondanks

    Random Pics and Gifs

  15. carltondanks

    Trashfire ProJared (Jared Knabenbauer) Divorce Fiasco

    god. i remember logging on to youtube every day and watching hard news, i fucking missed it when it disappeared. hearing that pro jared was a dick, that upset me a lot. i actually liked his videos
  16. carltondanks

    War Pull Danish troops back home to man WALL on German border, anti-Islam right-wing party leader says

    and you guys were doubting me when i said that denmark was gonna stray away from shit like this. i'm glad that my positive thoughts were right
  17. carltondanks

    Tier Lists

    so i'd imagine sothe is on SSSSSSSS tier?
  18. carltondanks

    Trashfire ProJared (Jared Knabenbauer) Divorce Fiasco

    there was a thread on /v/ where op shit talked bro team. turns out OP was half half (the guy who saw his mom's boobs and his dad's dick), and even brote got in on shit talking OP. it was amazing
  19. carltondanks

    War Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA, Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns of a New Epidemic

    homeless veterans living in shanty towns and garbage dumps have been a thing ever since ww2 ended. now adays though, if someone tried to build a shanty town in california it would just be bulldozed because people are choosing to live for free with some shelter rather than having an extremely...

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