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  1. diana

    Free Christmas Nudes

    You have em, I want em.
  2. diana

    Streaming Overwatch Enjoy fags.
  3. diana

    ~ Amber icon suggestions ~

    Before you post an idea, please give me links so I actually know what you are fucking talking about :knife:. Hello boys and gorls, in my beautiful wife @emspex 's introduction thread, a few people showed interest in creating icons for Al (or had already.) I think this is a really good idea...
  4. diana

    Culture Ulta Fires Employee for "Homophobic Speech" in Youtube Video

    This particular event has no real article associated with it but the video made by Tea Spill does a great job of compiling evidence: On May 2nd, 2018, Shane Dawson posted a video in which his sister received a "$10,000" makeover from Ulta Employee (and fan) Carol along with her coworker...
  5. diana

    Snowflake Yungelita / Yungangelita / Pretty-Little-Victim / Elita Harkov / Emma Harvey

    Thanks to @Cooking Mama for the idea and the links! sorry I didn't give you more time to help out lol Prehensive Warning: Pretty much every photo is NSFW Elita Harkov (aka Emma Harvey) is a 22-year-old wannabe Russian Instagram model/tumblrina from Saint John, Newfoundland who posts mostly...

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