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  1. Jonzun

    Lemmy passes away at 70 Although with his lifestyle choices he certainly did well getting to 70, Lemmy was still an iconic performer whose presence was respected in the metal scene and will be missed. It's all about the game...
  2. Jonzun

    Feedback The lolcow banner is out of date /

    Just a couple of minor things: Any chance of updating this to feature more active lolcows? At least half of them could be classified inactive by now. Another minor feature I've also been thinking of creating is making a Kiwi Farms room for, which is a media sharing site (still in...
  3. Jonzun

    The Disabled DJ Archives

    So now that Deagle Nation has sadly ended I thought I'd share some of the work I was doing for the Disabled DJ project that Jan had proposed here. I know there were more people involved which I never got the chance to talk to so if any of you guys want to dump stuff here feel free to do so...
  4. Jonzun

    Should intuitive thinking be considered positive or negative?

    Yesterday I was having a discussion at work with management regarding what strategies I will take further in my career based on the experiences I've had at my workplace so far, where the management described my thoughts as being very intuitive. Initially I was apprehensive to accept my ideas as...
  5. Jonzun

    Article - Wu-Approved article on Jace Connors

    Here's an archived link to the article. My favourite quote:
  6. Jonzun

    Ben Moyniham - Elliot Rodger MKII

    I was reading the local news for where I used to live and came across this story. It's chilling enough as it is reading some of the shit people post that are tagged Virgin Pride in the Lolcow forums, but damn it hits hard when you read about someone actually acting on those impulses, especially...
  7. Jonzun

    Video Xbox Unboxing Video and #SolsticeSelfies: Jace and Eli celebrate Pagan/Viking Pantheon holiday

    Xbox One Unboxing: #SolsticeSelfies Summary: Eli is apparently Pagan now "to try and get pussy" Eli got Jace a Cheech & Chong t-shirt, a plush duck in camouflage and a whoopee cushion as gifts. Jace gives the t-shirt a 7/10, but the duck only gets a...
  8. Jonzun

    North Korean NDC spokesman calls Barack Obama a monkey

    Seems North Korea has been using Tyce's Juggalo Survival Guide as a reference on how to conduct international diplomacy:
  9. Jonzun

    Golden Knight Analysis Thread

    I'm sure the armchair psychologists among us have had a great time trying to analyse Jay's mental state. Rather than giving my own opinion, I'm going to start the thread by briefly touching on the more popular theories that have cropped up in discussion: Autism Although Jay has stated he has...

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