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  1. Ebonic Tutor

    Culture "Jim Crow is sneaking back," Biden tells South Carolina crowd

    Article: Archive: Welp, I guess this is the first of many cases of Biden saying exceptional shit for the campaign. Also way to keep stirring racial shit you dingus.
  2. Ebonic Tutor

    Law Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. Sentenced to 28 Years Over "Kids for Cash" Scheme

    Article/Archive Happy as fuck to see that POS put away for a bit over that shit. Remember hearing about him years ago and it has always bothered me cause I thought he'd pretty much gotten away with it.
  3. Ebonic Tutor

    World Young girl was passed around and had sex with 100 Asian men by age of 16 Names are pretty damn Asian eh?
  4. Ebonic Tutor

    Man has Cheese Grater Stolen from him at Gunpoint Sometimes you just need a cheese grater really, really badly.
  5. Ebonic Tutor

    Culture Multiple Women Turned Down for Jobs Because Their Names are "Ghetto" Who'd thunk ghetto names make you look ghetto. :thinking:
  6. Ebonic Tutor

    World Sweden still lying about it's rape problem "In March, Labor Market Minister Ylva Johansson appeared on the BBC, where she claimed that the number of reported rapes and sexual harassment cases “is going down and...

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