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    My New Diet Plan | Grocery Haul 7/15/19

    She does not follow any of the diets. She bends the rules to eat whatever she wants. After gaining weight, she blames the diet for allowing it. If diet allows fast food, it is diet's fault that she gets 2000kcal at McDonald's or Subway. She does not even do it in a way that can be blamed on...
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    Money Twitter 7/14 - Chris will circumvent his Ebay seller ban by teaming up with Sockness

    One exceptional individual could not run an eBay store on his own, so what is his solution? To get send the items across the country for another exceptional individual to post, sell, ship, and then send the lion's share of the profits back to exceptional individual #1. Yeah, this will end well. After this goes belly up, they will need to...
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    Disaster PETA calls out gay porn studio for using alligator in a sex scene

    So the one guy--the "Kaleb Stryker" one--was actually recently fired from another porn thing for using drugs on set. He and scene partner decided to have a little blow before the sodomy. I wonder if his parents print out these stories to put on the fridge. I am sure they send links to his...
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    As low effort as her editing is, it is not as bad as the lies. Her lies could only work if a person could not remember anything.. This is the lass who has said that she does not like ice cream and rarely ate it. Now she was eating ice cream regularly until her toof started hurting. This is...
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    Microsoft is making Windows 10 passwordless

    PINs are only more secure because you have fewer chances at guessing them. If you miss the pin or picture password three times, you are forced to use the password unlock. My phone requires me to unlock with pin/passcode every so often even though my finger can unlock it. This limits...
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    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Chris is autistic and stupid. He is not a true slow in the mind, but they both live on the same block and maybe even in the same building. He responds to the world like a 7 year old would. Magic allows him to escape into a world of fantasy. Only he cannot create anything new for himself...
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    She is so bad at everything. Everything!, says I. Putting on my Cole Smithey professional media critic hat for a second: How can someone who watches so much Youtube not get it? She spends all her time viewing other "Youtubers"/"creators", but she does not know how to make a video outside of...
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    "i went to the emergency room..." - 7/9/19

    In video, bread sell by date is May 31, 2019. Amberlynn was either completely fine or she is now dead. We will find out in 2 months. Bread is around 3:08 where you also can watch Dr. Becky considering whether or not pesto is a healthy choice: "Pesto's not that bad for you, I don't think. I...
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    Being atheist and wanting to seek God again

    Buddhism is neat only because it understands that dumb whores who get raped got what was coming to them. The idea behind karma is that you plant seed with your acts (intentions) and they eventually ripen into a fruit. This maturation is called karmaphala or vipaka. Christine Weston Chandler...
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    She puts up garbage. People watch. Ads roll. I guess that is how you measure success in the internet age. I had a little look-see at her videos on the channel page. The most popular videos are the eating ones. This cow is only good at one thing and she is not doing it. She could keep...
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    Containment Random Chris Updates

    People who "learn" "magick" usually have some realization that they have powers, which is followed by studying to greater understand and harness those powers. So they can use them to get back at people who called them fat or evil managers who do not allow them to drink a witch's brew on duty...
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    Disaster Study Finds Top VPNS are owned by Chinese firms

    You mean connecting to a server I do not own and have no control over to specifically look up stuff I want to keep hidden might be a risk to security and privacy? Really? I never would have guessed this. In fact, I would think the opposite. I also keep nudes without encryption on...
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    Her eating habits are really confusing to me. Why slather cream cheese on this thing? And then bacon. And salt. It makes no sense. Just cut a few slices off the dang cuke and eat them like a normal person. She will never stop being a fat waste. Her relationship with food is terrible...
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    Casting Call Storytime

    Becky is only temporary. Amberlynn knows how useless she is long term. Becky is just the best thing right now. If Amberlynn loses any weight, she will deep six ol' crooked face. This is all bad for Becky. I am sure that 500 pound lesbians are fairly common in Kentucky, but I doubt any of...
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    Outfit of the Day + Party Time

    Her head does not even look like it belongs on that body. It is like the Mom suit from "Futurama" or one of those photo things where you stick your head through the hole. Just imagine how bad Becky would look at 500 pounds. I pray to merciful Allah that Becky keeps gaining. A contest is...
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    Outfit of the Day + Party Time

    Her body and movements no longer look human. That part for the feeders is danged creepy.
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    COOK WITH ME | TACO SOUP 6/24/19

    This is just another video that shows the difference between a glutton and a gourmand. She has money and time. She could make or buy high quality, good tasting food. Instead she feasts on this watery pigwash and follows it with cheap candy bars and Pringles. Her diet is no better than dirt...
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    100 Days of Weighing In | Day 18

    Those caps of Becky in the thread could so easily be used for reddit karma farming with something like "my mentally disabled sister is normally afraid of water, but she was all smiles when we got her a wading pool." Maybe, but I would bet you a glazed doughnut that she does not care enough to...
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    Big Ambs only puts out this low effort "content" because she needs money. If she was not a walking freak show, she would have no viewers. None. A cute kitty who sleeps all day would have more viewers. Her problem now is that she is running out of everything. The not quite intelligent people...
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    06/16- Chris reminisces about Bob

    Bob was a terrible father at least twice. His influence and power over Chris seems to have been minimal. 'Memba when Bob walked in on Chris? "Get away from the internet, I'm cutting in down right now"? He threatens to wake up Barb when he first comes in and later tells C-man to wake his...

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