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  1. Bob's Fries

    Disaster Now It’s Against the Law in California to Shower and Do Laundry on the Same Day This will be fun.
  2. Bob's Fries

    World ISIS Calls For Assassination on Trump's Kid
  3. Bob's Fries

    Dumbass ISIS Agent Dies from Grenade In Ass
  4. Bob's Fries

    Confirmed: Berkeley Mayor is Antifa This explains so much. But goddamn, 2017. What the shit? An anarchist as the city mayor?
  5. Bob's Fries

    Bill 89, Ontario Government Wants Your Kids
  6. Bob's Fries

    Pan-Drug Resistant Bacteria [Designated Shitting Country Will Kill Us All]
  7. Bob's Fries

    Chinese Man Gets a Sex Doll Modeled After His Wife
  8. Bob's Fries

    Daughters of Megalia

    First time making an OP. I hope I don’t fuck this up. While we're quite familiar with the exceptional radical Feminists in many countries, South Korea is also facing issues with this. No, seriously the vitriol in this shit is depressing. It seems like the usual Tumblr fare that’s notched up a...
  9. Bob's Fries

    Dramacow Lantzblades

    Greetings, my fellow Kiwis. I bring you a new Cow to the Farms. Though I must warn you that this is my first time doing something as extensive as this. So I hope you can bare with me here. As I've seen some of our members are familiar with the Nasuverse, it does bring up an idea in me. I...
  10. Bob's Fries

    Chris Chan Features On WTFIWWY
  11. Bob's Fries

    Artcow Jacob Herrick & The Ebola Files Manga

    Jacob Herrick is some random dude who uploaded his own manga about his literal self-insert on a site where actual professional mangakas get their series scanlated and translated. On top of it, he didn't draw his characters professionally the way we all think. No, he uses some other exceptional...
  12. Bob's Fries

    Berserk Series Discussion

    Fellow Berserk Spergs come here. So any of you guys want to speculate the future in Berserk? Like what the future new releases may yield out?
  13. Bob's Fries


    Is aikido just not really great for combat like every person that detracts its uselessness? Just curious on what your thoughts are on it.
  14. Bob's Fries

    Interesting Youtube Channels

    So this is a thread where you could introduce some Youtube channels you found interest in and hopefully others would also find interest as well. I found this guy, Lindybeige making very interesting videos about weaponry, war logistics, and other interesting subjects back in Ancient times...
  15. Bob's Fries

    What If Chris Watched FoTNS?

    Fist of the North Star. One of the manliest, if not manliest, of all animes back in the olden days. Just watching it instantly grows a beard while having chest hair on the other hand. Hell, Hulk Hogan probably approves of this utterly masculine show if he's seen it.. So what if Chris watched...
  16. Bob's Fries

    Teenage Exorcists

    You know... this is probably the other time I actually wanted to hit a religious person besides Fred Phelps and the past popes that protected pedophilic priests. Read the Youtube description to get the idea why I feel like this. Qk65kdAVNXI 10:58 I like how this guy is like "Fuck this, I'm...
  17. Bob's Fries

    Fukushima Radiation On West Coast

    So we know what happened to Japan. Just recently I heard that it's likely that the radiation could hit the West Coast and it worries me, considering I live in the East Bay Area in California. Anyone have any reliable sources about that?
  18. Bob's Fries


    So I noticed it's gone now...
  19. Bob's Fries

    The Untold Epics of Lolcows

    I just had a thought after seeing the Alien Invasion thread. How about setting up a story board where people, with some literary talent (I know we have some pretty good writers around here from what I see), make up stories about OPL or other such lolcows?

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