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  1. Cubanodun


    *clickclickclickclick* (((Breathe))) *clickclickclickclick* (((((BREATHE)))) She is actually wheezing by just typing? and what kind of cheap keyboard does that sound
  2. Cubanodun

    007 will be black

    What i take is that Craig is still going to be there but for some reason his 00 number is going to be taken by Lashana, probably he is going to do something stupid in one mission and was stripped of his rank just to give her the number, mind you in the movies there are 00 female agents but they...
  3. Cubanodun

    Cyberpunk 2077

    are you telling me i can do the Equilibrium reload?
  4. Cubanodun

    Anita Sarkeesian Megathread

    She is not as active as before because even AAA devs noticed that every project she touch goes to the shit, now she is just checking social media again and again to bank in the drama of turn to try to extort some shekels
  5. Cubanodun

    Fate/Grand Order aka Server Maintenance Simulator

    Ozymandias is a rarity because his damage is high (his NP is ST and blast six digit damage in a good day) and his toolkit is like Gilgamesh Archer but he doesnt have that sweet perk of Enuma Elish, the only one that can almost get to his level is Quetz, also he is voiced by Koyasu so he get ham...
  6. Cubanodun

    Fate/Grand Order aka Server Maintenance Simulator

    Weird considering that the great majority of Supports are Waver and Tamamo that are not limited or sometimes you can spot a whale with a Merlin (i suppose he is talking about US)
  7. Cubanodun

    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Found hilarious that there were people that did not even knew there was a female football league until it was implemented in FIFA 2016
  8. Cubanodun

    Fate/Grand Order aka Server Maintenance Simulator

    Tell me your secrets, i want to pact with the same devil for Ereshkigal/Raikou/Super Saiyan Rose Arjuna Never, just remember how many YEARS had to pass for DW to even give us a Lancer wellfare (Jailter), the predictions are almost wrong but people actually believe that Prototype Merlin is...
  9. Cubanodun


    That CGI looks a little weird but well is a preview, weird that is sunrise the one putting the dosh, i was halfway expecting that it was Netflix considering they are getting old IPs to get the weeb dosh (sadly they dont simulcast) Edit: lol the helmet says CCCP, some suspects are going to bitch...
  10. Cubanodun

    Venezuela Megathread

    You cant rape the willing bro, is that or this for the next millenia
  11. Cubanodun

    Venezuela Megathread

    Depends of what side of the opposition are you talking about there are two sides in there, one is the side that is probably getting shit done that they get their orders by Voluntad popular and the other are the old farts that helped chavez again and again and people hate them with a passion that...
  12. Cubanodun

    Fate/Grand Order aka Server Maintenance Simulator

    Medea can NP spam to hell and back at max Izou can one shot kill Servants at max using his Manslayer skill Big Boss William tell became recently the king of cheap 360noscope Asclepius dethroned Merlin, Irisviel and Medea Lilly in the healing department to the point that his rank is SS in...
  13. Cubanodun

    Epic Games Exclusives

    What a scumbag move, the one from Shenmue was a dick move that took everybody by surprise, the shit was announced FOR STEAM, it had STEAM logos in the damn website, now every single project that decide to grab the bait of Epic will know that they are not going to reach the funding goal because...
  14. Cubanodun

    Open Source Software Community

    I can't believe how stupid they are, thankfully the admins told them "if you dont like it make your fork and fuck off" "If i keep screaming im a woman again and again even when i still have my penis and beard will eventually make it valid?"
  15. Cubanodun

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Funny, Chavez and Maduro liked to give dual nationality to the indigenous people that live in the border in exchange for votes, they get free fuel. money and dosh for the hassle, when the bolivar lost any kind of value they kindly told them to fuck off Come on Beto come here to campaign pretty...
  16. Cubanodun

    Epic Games Exclusives

    Would not be surprised if Tencent buy Gamestop, i mean they like to throw money at everything for no reason at all
  17. Cubanodun

    Fate/Grand Order aka Server Maintenance Simulator

    Bamboozled again, She is not a Quick Lancer she is Arts She still has the toolkit of Walkure with a Arts boost as first skill (Walkure has Quick boost) and a Evade (same as Walkure) her third skill is a boost in attack instead of the NP regen that Walkure has
  18. Cubanodun

    'You should be able to buy games where you want to buy them' says Microsoft exec

    One of the things that people actually forget is that the recent moves to be cozy with Sony and Nintendo is that Microsoft has failed for years to get into the Asian market, i know people believe that China and Korea are like other universes in terms of video games but they move a LOT of money...
  19. Cubanodun

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Cant wait to see he getting wrecked by the Chained orc and Madame butterfly
  20. Cubanodun

    Epic Games Exclusives

    Is not technically his idea all this shitshow started when Tencent throwed shitload of cash and bought almost half of the company, and they are good in being pricks and doing scorch earth tactics to fuck with people A big fucking lie, if we learned something from the hurricane of shit that...

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