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  1. Fibonacci

    Culture The Hollywood Sex Pest Megathread
  2. Fibonacci

    Missing California camper found alive says she got lost fleeing man with knife

    Maybe something like this: Joe: *tripping on the dog whilst unloading a mountain of luggage* Dammit, Sheryl! Why'd you have to bring that damn lapdog again. Sheryl: Because I need someone to keep me company on this trip, Joe! You don't love me like you used to! Joe: For fuck's sake, Sheryl...
  3. Fibonacci

    Missing California camper found alive says she got lost fleeing man with knife

    From another article: Some Puerto Rican Guy strikes again. I wonder if he was average Puerto Rican height? We need a better description.
  4. Fibonacci

    Money Twitter 7/14 - Chris will circumvent his Ebay seller ban by teaming up with Sockness

    It's basically like in elementary school when they would send us home with those cardboard briefcases filled with candy bars to fund raise for a new desk for the teacher to get fucked on and most kids would end up eating the product themselves and have to pay for it.
  5. Fibonacci

    (:_( Thanks for being an ally.

    (:_( Thanks for being an ally.
  6. Fibonacci

    #metoo I blame The Big Bang Theory for everything. What the actual Big Bang did for the...

    #metoo I blame The Big Bang Theory for everything. What the actual Big Bang did for the universe, the show did for the "zomg im a nerd girl. I like star wars, anime and eating sushi" crowd. My sequence is just one of many victims RAPED by this monster.
  7. Fibonacci

    Supporting the Forum

    I was just about to ask about that because I noticed we lost our verification, too. But still has its verification, so I assume we're supposed to send tips there now?
  8. Fibonacci

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Maybe not even that expensive
  9. Fibonacci

    Reveal something totally unexpected about yourself

    My brother-in-law was the stingray that killed Steve Irwin.
  10. Fibonacci

    Disaster 6.4 Earthquake Hits SoCal

    Driving through the Mojave always makes me feel like I'm in a Cars movie. When I was in my teens and I moved out to Vegas for work, I remember driving through Barstow (where the 58, 15 and 40 meet) at 2 in the morning and everything looked vacant and old, like from the 40's old. It was a literal...
  11. Fibonacci

    Disaster 6.4 Earthquake Hits SoCal

    I was at the grocery store last night and noticed that they have an Earthquake Emergency Supplies Station set up. It's just vegetarian MRE packs and bottled water, but people have been buying them up like fucking crazy. lol It made me think of Jim Bakker's Emergency Buckets.
  12. Fibonacci

    I think someone kissed me last night astrally

    Odd. I had a similar experience last night. I was jolted awake by an earthquake, but my lips were open and I thought I could hear a dog barking, but I don't live near any dogs.
  13. Fibonacci

    Disaster 6.4 Earthquake Hits SoCal

    Actually, you'd be surprised by the agricultural industry that exists in the counties surrounding the LA area. Ventura, San Fernando, Orange County. Even areas like San Bernardino and Temecula have a decent range of crops. But the bulk of SoCal's food production lies in Kern County with many...
  14. Fibonacci

    Disaster 6.4 Earthquake Hits SoCal

    Fair enough. But San Francisco and Oakland are in Northern California. SanFran is also home to our State Supreme Court and the childhood residence of Gavin Newsom. Oakland is home to a shitty baseball team, Green Day and, for now, the Raiders - a team responsible for at least 50% of all football...
  15. Fibonacci

    Disaster 6.4 Earthquake Hits SoCal

    lol Same here. I was outside taking the trash out while it happened and a group of neighbours across the street were huddled together in a circle in their driveway crying and praying. You'd have thought power lines were falling everywhere around them, roads opening up into sinkholes and the Lake...
  16. Fibonacci

    Law French court orders quadriplegic, severely-brain damaged man be disconnected from food, water

    The title had me thinking this was some kind of bizarro reinstatement of capital punishment in France and a quadriplegic convict was at the receiving end of it.
  17. Fibonacci

    Woman who licked Blue Bell Ice Cream could face up to 20 years and 10K in fines.

    Most of our ice cream brands don't have a tamper seal. They either have a built-in tamper evident feature like Blue Bell or they don't. Plastic seals around the lid are relatively recent and rare. Although some brands like Ben & Jerry's have been doing it for practically forever. She should do...
  18. Fibonacci

    Disaster 6.4 Earthquake Hits SoCal

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Arizona Bay to happen. As soon as it does, the Dutch-American colonies in hiding since the fall of Dutch America will step out of the shadows to lay claim to the devastation, seizing on Trump's unwillingness to touch the libtard tainted zone. They'll...
  19. Fibonacci

    Being atheist and wanting to seek God again

    There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars...
  20. Fibonacci

    Twitter 7/1 - Chris thinks therapy is beneath him

    So Chris has basically turned into a fat, trans Night Elf Druid and is slumbering away in the Emerald Dream that is C-197, protecting all of the Great Beyond and the Twisting Nether from the encroaching Nightmare that threatens to collapse space and time itself.

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