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  1. Fareal

    Woman who licked Blue Bell Ice Cream could face up to 20 years and 10K in fines.

    If I read an article claiming a dessert was "violated", I expect it to contain a description of a dick being shoved into some foodstuffs somewhere
  2. Fareal

    Disaster Brexit: "Technical terms" agreed

    Hilariously, it is. I wish I could say it had been my mother in law but there is no way she could ever have found two people willing to bang her in this lifetime
  3. Fareal

    Disaster Brexit: "Technical terms" agreed

    Andrew Neil slept with my father in law's university girlfriend (sadly not the one who became my mother in law). I detest my father in law, so Andrew Neil's TV appearances always please me, as the cuckold has never forgiven him and will froth at the mouth if ever he is mentioned.
  4. Fareal

    Trump Vows to Deport Millions

    It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Send Us Back
  5. Fareal

    Science Women Aren’t The Only People Who Get Abortions

    Well, somebody had been all up in their crotch for sure. That's how they got pregnant.
  6. Fareal

    Trans cows you think will detransition?

    Nady/Quinby/whatever the hell she calls herself now. Hopefully before she fucks herself up physically any more on cheap hormones
  7. Fareal

    Law Florida woman arrested, charged with encouraging child to kill herself

    The kid is entitled to anonymity, so they are carefully not saying the obvious inference: 100% this is her son or daughter. My mom had this very tactic in her SOP. At first it's kind of devastating but after a while you just don't give a fuck tbh
  8. Fareal

    World Birmingham school LGBT row: Trial date set over protests

    There's more of us fgts than there is of them, they are mostly poor as fuck and living eight to a council house. We mostly have money and access to positions of influence.
  9. Fareal

    Eliminate three hobbies/fandoms to make the world a better place

    Johnlock, three times just to make sure we bayonet all the survivors
  10. Fareal

    Disaster Trolls use a little-known Twitter feature to swarm others with abuse, and their targets say Twitter hasn’t done much to stop it

    Over the years white feminists have done Sydette pretty dirty. She was one of the people Amanda Marcotte ripped off for her first book. Also, she's been one of the people consistently pointing out for over a decade that third/fourth wave white internet feminism has a rrreal problem with race.
  11. Fareal

    9-year-old boy pays off entire school lunch debt for his class after saving his allowance

    This is a good kid with a good heart. I hope life is kind to him.
  12. Fareal

    Law Third Discrimination Suit Filed Against Masterpiece Cakeshop

    Who the fuck is dumb enough to eat a cake baked by someone who fucking hates you?! Someone who never had a crazy mother in law?
  13. Fareal

    World Birmingham school LGBT row: Trial date set over protests

    Yeah, England is a country where being in a gay relationship, marrying a same sex partner, and having a family via assisted reproduction or adoption with a same sex partner is all completely legal. The parents in these 'disputes' are calling for the schools to, er, not point that fact out. If...
  14. Fareal

    Disaster Brexit: "Technical terms" agreed

    Well, apparently Lorraine Fucking Kelly of all people gave McVey heavy shade on TV this morning. I didn't think anyone could get Lorraine The-Nation's-Auntie Kelly to shade them on live TV but it seems McVey really was that bad of a co-presenter. Would kill to know that backstory. The tea must...
  15. Fareal

    Disaster Brexit: "Technical terms" agreed

    Popbitch email this week repeated the rumour that he's hung like a racehorse. Trying not to think about him coked to the eyeballs smashing Sarah Vine with his horsecock
  16. Fareal

    British News Megathread

    They are going to link it to everything else the government knows about you and to your police (note: not criminal, but police record, which you are not entitled to see) record. Have a good long think about that.
  17. Fareal

    British News Megathread

    It wasn’t just piracy that killed it off. It was the fact that Operation Ore was a complete shitshow. For once, the wikipedo summary of events is pretty good, I will leave it here: Most people either have forgotten or don’t know that Ore hoovered...
  18. Fareal

    Disaster Brexit: "Technical terms" agreed

    The Tice handwringing will come to nothing; Jimmy Goldsmith didn’t manage to get a ruling in his favour on this point. Court proceedings in this matter are spectacularly unlikely to be issued. Plenty of interests would be quite happy to put up the money for a knockdown drag out libel case that...
  19. Fareal

    Disaster Brexit: "Technical terms" agreed

    Dear Adam Boulton, please learn to spell “stramash”
  20. Fareal

    Science Electronic Frontier Foundation launches campaign to track companies violating their own TOS

    Some of the folks who were chased out of “sex educating” minors online were real fucking creeps. I’m on my phone so I’m being lazy about sources, but male feminist par excellence Hugo Schwyzer had his feet well under the table at Scarleteen for years. I will dig out further creepscandals later...

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