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  1. Buck Mullet

    Twitter 12/13 - Chris buys a treadmill

    Chris bought something actually useful for a good bargain and is getting some exercise... is Chris getting better?
  2. Buck Mullet

    Chris agrees to sell the Sonic Totem for $1000

    On a whim I texted Chris about selling the Sonic totem for $1000, and he replied right away. Not going to go through lengths to prove this is a real exchange, it is. Yes i'm an oldfag for using a flip phone. Yes "CWC" could be a made up contact. Yes this is 100% real... but hell no, i'm not...
  3. Buck Mullet

    Careercow John The Songman, close up and A cappella

    I'm obsessed with female professional wrestling as the next guy, but John is a superfan. Turn it up loud and enjoy this random video of his.

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