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  1. MerriedxReldnahc

    Which animal is the best?

    I love opossums, I get to work with them at the wildlife center and while they're usually very angry and trying to bite my fingers off when I weigh them they're too derpy to be intimidating. Cats are always dabes animal
  2. MerriedxReldnahc

    Voice actors you consider cute?

    Christopher Lee has voice acted in things, he totally counts. And he was cute AF.
  3. MerriedxReldnahc

    Worst things about summer

    I mostly love summer but -Mosquito allergies! Along with itching I get a nice puffy blister that can disgust everyone around me and occasionally a mild fever. -I'm far too Irish to be going outside in direct sunlight without either frying or getting a embarrasingly bad farmer's tan. -I live...
  4. MerriedxReldnahc

    Artcow WogglebugLoveProductions / Cynthia Hanson

    My Wogglebug movie is already going to be better than @WogglebugLover 's because I had the great fortune of getting a live-action bug for one scene. Not Woggs himself, but I'm hoping to find a skilled beetle thespian to appear in the drug trip sequence.
  5. MerriedxReldnahc

    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Can I still use "hamplanet"?
  6. MerriedxReldnahc

    What Are You Craving?

    I used to get these crappy little mini tacos somewhere like Trader Joe's that might have came with nacho cheese. For some reason the memory came flooding back and now I really want some shit-tier tacos.
  7. MerriedxReldnahc

    What Have You Cooked Recently?

    I made my own horchata for the first time, it's also the first time I've had it homemade. I love it sooo much. I could have added a little less sugar I think. I took maybe 2/3 a cup of uncooked rice, 2 cinnimon sticks, 2 cups of water and blended it up, added 2 more cups of water and let it sit...
  8. MerriedxReldnahc

    Welcome aboard!

    Welcome aboard!
  9. MerriedxReldnahc

    Any lolcow you consider to be a nice person?

    -Disneyfan01 is probably totally chill irl, I've heard if her getting a bit abrasive online but I can't see her being unpleasent in person. - Simply Sara, because her claim to infamy is more based on the horror of her food. She seems perfectly sweet and I might eat the macaroni salad out of...
  10. MerriedxReldnahc

    Remaking The Wogglebug Movie

    I'll be making my own stop-motion Wogglebug movie that *hopefully* won't be garbage but I love that there's plans to do a collaborative one! I might focus on mine for the time being but I could help out at some point. I was going to have Dr. Mantis Toboggan but since the name is an Always Sunny...
  11. MerriedxReldnahc

    Artcow WogglebugLoveProductions / Cynthia Hanson

    I'm actually going to make a point of NOT using anything you've created in the animation, just Wogglebug, OZ lore that might be good to include, and the various forum ideas (Mantis Toboggan may find himself included). Since Woggs is public domain he's fine for anyone to use.
  12. MerriedxReldnahc

    Multi-level marketing/pyramid schemes and the people who fall for them

    I don't recall any MLM companies trying to rope us in during high school (Though in earlier grades I remember the BS fundraisers with magazine subsriptions and whatnot. Someone mentioned on an earlier page the "weepuls" that you had to collect, which is what we did in middle school.) but Vector...
  13. MerriedxReldnahc

    Today I have... Thread.

    I woke up with several swollen mosquito bites, probably from last evening when I was gardening. Being allergic sucks. I just got over another skin situation, too. But at least I had leftover pizza for lunch!
  14. MerriedxReldnahc

    What are you reading right now?

    The Marvelous Land of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. I actually didn't know there were subsequent Oz books until our thread on the weird Wogglebug fetishist. She makes him out to be a creepy pedo roach-man, but canon Woggle-Bug is actually great. He's an asshole who pisses everyone off with terrible...
  15. MerriedxReldnahc

    Sperg about comic books here

    I've read some of Jodorowsky's works, something in a back issue of Heavy Metal and I've got a volume of Anibal Cinq. I've heard of The Incal but haven't read it yet. I want to because holy shit, Moebius. Other HM comics I've got recently are Lone Sloane: Chaos, illustrated by Philippe...
  16. MerriedxReldnahc

    Using every part of the buffalo

    There's really only a few animal parts I'm leery on- eyes are too freaky, and I've heard brain is super greasy. But I'd be willing to try just about anything. I've eaten braunschweiger so that counts for liver, though I'd like to have proper liver at some point. I had tripe in menudo but that...
  17. MerriedxReldnahc

    What are the best ice cream flavors?

    I like basic bitch vanilla, maybe with some chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top to pretty it all up. Sometimes simple is best! I love coffee ice cream too, funnily enough I don't like actual coffee. I just recently tried Tilamook's strawberry flavor and it's really nice. I rarely get...
  18. MerriedxReldnahc

    It's Cow Appreciation Day, which means people will be dressing up for some Chick-fil-A

    I wish ours wasn't an hour away, I love that shit. Though maybe it's a good thing it's a drive, I don't need to be eating fried chicken all the time!
  19. MerriedxReldnahc

    Weird Dreams Thread

    Last night's dream revolved around the book Babe (or Charlotte's Web, it was some book involving a pig trying not to be eaten) which in the context of my dream actually had seven different published versions. They were all similar in the sense that in each version Babe/Wilbur/Whoever gets...
  20. MerriedxReldnahc

    Artcow WogglebugLoveProductions / Cynthia Hanson

    I was going to watch the movie with my family as a joke watch and despite all the bad films we've endured together, we tapped out about 30 minutes in. Good lord. I'll concede that the animation is better than something like, Rapsitte Kids: Believe in Santa, but at least that was humorous in all...

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