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  1. FukuMuku

    Militant Vegans

    i'll never understand vegans, I lost count how many times vegans called me ''speciesist'' because I value human life over animal life. vegans make me want to make cannibalism legal just so I can eat them alive, but there's a 100% chance that they will taste bad because they have no nutrients...
  2. FukuMuku

    Character Reference Sheets: a Visual Guide to Autism

    found more references.
  3. FukuMuku

    10/10 anatomy.

    10/10 anatomy.
  4. FukuMuku

    Riolu947 / RiolutheBlueCat / BlueCatRiolu / Nicolas Salerno

    I think he might actually try to inflate his cats one day if he gets bored of soliticing kids to inflate.
  5. FukuMuku

    DeviantArt Horrors

  6. FukuMuku


    here his twitter.
  7. FukuMuku


    his youtube community tab seems to be the most autistic ever, but his twitter is also a good place to find autism.
  8. FukuMuku


    A brazilian MGTOW weeaboo that loves traps and is a fan of sandman and TFM, I found out about him because one of his videos got reccomended to me. his youtube account.
  9. FukuMuku


    can we talk about racconing raccoon here?
  10. FukuMuku

    Anti-Vax Movement

    measles are not deadly according to this person.
  11. FukuMuku

    DeviantArt Horrors

  12. FukuMuku

    DeviantArt Horrors

  13. FukuMuku

    Character Reference Sheets: a Visual Guide to Autism

    she is 24 sadly.
  14. FukuMuku

    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    chris sent a discord message to ignis. he changed his username.
  15. FukuMuku

    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    also, chris tried asking this person to play pokémon go on discord. (+benjamin comes to defend his mate again)
  16. FukuMuku

    DeviantArt Horrors

    I dont know if I put this here or in the SJW art thread.
  17. FukuMuku

    Zoosadist Zoosadism Megathread

    zoophiles are stealing art now. original artist.

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