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  1. Francis Dollarhyde

    Zoosadist Zoosadism Megathread

    There are some celebs with sus tattoos. Namely the paw prints. Some Z-listers too. Malu Trevejo was caught with them I remember. No doubt they will feign complete ignorance like all he others. If the guy just used an eel instead of a snake, it would have been at least the 3rd time the eel...
  2. Francis Dollarhyde

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    Ikr? Do not want to miss out on that salty golden goodness.
  3. Francis Dollarhyde

    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    Mama Porker seems to be in love with her new bikini. No crazy photoshop? Oh yes she does, the filters are clearly there. Because in Guatemala blowing up after 30 is expected. Oh wait you are still in your 20's but looking 40's. Keep pushing forward, from 500's to 600's to breaking Eman...
  4. Francis Dollarhyde

    Greta Gustava Martela / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj Chaubal

    Yes we do. That is the point. They cannot pay it back and if they could, it is unlikely they would. If in 2 years not a penny has been paid, there may be questions, 10 years is a long time, and they hope long enough that nobody will bother to ask anything anymore. Not like anyone else with...
  5. Francis Dollarhyde

    Greta Gustava Martela / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj Chaubal

    They never let them get away with stealing all that money. They kept it out of courts and lawyers hands and made a nice little deal where the 2 pay back TTL over a period of 8-10 years (was a receipt posted itt but cannot find it right now). Why would they just do a backroom deal like that? Why...
  6. Francis Dollarhyde

    Celebrity Tess Holliday / Ryann Maegen Hoven

    Even is she does follow through on physical therapy, she may still fail. And if she properly fucks something up like her ankle or knee, and they need to cut her open, they may not operate on her (go home and lose half you weight miss), and then she is screwed.
  7. Francis Dollarhyde

    Mumkey Jones / Tyler Millard / Simian Jimmy / @VincentHatesGod

    Verbal abuse, furries, knotted cocks, humiliation, sissification. This is going to end up with Mumkey Jones being made to watch, dresses as a girl, with Liu getting boned by Jea'Quon and Tyrone and their gang, after which they choke him out making him watch as Liu is getting knotted by their...
  8. Francis Dollarhyde

    shoe0nhead / June Lapine/Laporta & Armoured Skeptic / Gregory "Greg" Fluhrer

    OR he might have a sidechick in there with him that leaves if June is over.
  9. Francis Dollarhyde

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    If he has a too goodlooking daughter I wonder if that daughter would be safe from being his sweetheart. "Did you wash up properly today Krystal? Better let daddy check my beautiful girl." Like straight out of an episode of I love Mallory.
  10. Francis Dollarhyde

    Trainwreck Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe

    He is currently mining salt at record pace and just you wait for when they keep ignoring him. His feigned maturity is bound to go out the window.
  11. Francis Dollarhyde

    Amberlynn Reid General Discussion

    And she says she stays at 57x elbees. Yeah I am not fooled.
  12. Francis Dollarhyde

    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Show me a deathfat with normal dat distribution. Past a certain point, the body just goes all lumpy and has no idea where to put the extra calories, and you start looking extra weird. I still say Dankiidoll has the worst fat distribution btw. Few chefs are fat really. Too much running around...
  13. Francis Dollarhyde

    Trainwreck Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe

    The guy who's butt he did not get to plow making a nice interview with the girl who would not feed him attention? This is the biggest fukk you he could have ever been given. He made all those Eugenia videos and he does not even get the exclusive interview that was bound to blow up and did? She...
  14. Francis Dollarhyde

    Money Chandlers sued for debt megathread

    I really do not care either way. Because it will not affect me. I am just here to be entertained. Though maybe a good 6 months of being locked away with forced therapy will help him?
  15. Francis Dollarhyde

    Your Favourite Amber pic/gif

    I legit thought "WTF baby hands?" Should have known.
  16. Francis Dollarhyde

    Megathread Phil's Profile Pictures

    It is a known boyrapist thing, tasty teartini's.
  17. Francis Dollarhyde

    ContraPoints / William Nicholas Parrott / Natalie Wynn Parrott / Nykytyne2

    If a man says he does not lust after transwomen, he is a closetcase aka gay. If he does admit he lusts after transwomen, he is a filthy fetishist. If he does admit he lusts after women and can make a case for it not being a fetish, he is a filthy ciset male. If anyone calls the men gay, they...
  18. Francis Dollarhyde

    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Yeah I hit 500 but it's just some babyweight you guize. Will melt off in no time.
  19. Francis Dollarhyde

    Celebrity Tess Holliday / Ryann Maegen Hoven

    Listening to it now and they are talking about cheating, what stays in Vegas stays in Vegas, asses being smacked in clubs. She says she was a sl-.. trainwreck at 21. They talk about open to an anon local, Tinder. The tone is set. "Red flags and I just date him for 6 months, me in a meme."...
  20. Francis Dollarhyde

    Celebrity Tess Holliday / Ryann Maegen Hoven

    For anyone without a Spotify account, attached a download. A "happily" married woman goes on about dating. And then a man wih issues getting it up. At 23:00 She says they had sex less than what she can count on 1 hand. For that bomb ass sex she has? With other men then. I also cannot decide if...

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