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  1. Islamic Creampie

    Share one of your favorites album in this thread

    Definitely the cliche Paul Simon album choice, but Goddamn if Graceland doesn't just do it for me.
  2. Islamic Creampie

    Chinese and Korean fantasy games

    I own Xuan Yuan Sword and Sword and Fairy 6 on PS4. Xuan Yuan Sword was pretty decent. Translation is super wonky and it's not the most technically sound game, but the story was pretty cool and the soundtrack is really good. Sword and Fairy 6 on the other hand is a total mess. There's a good...
  3. Islamic Creampie

    What are you listening to right now?

    Too fucking hot and sunny out. Need some depressing death/doom.
  4. Islamic Creampie

    What are you playing right now?

    Giving Alundra 2 a go. The ancestors of whoever decided to try to pass this off as Alundra have definitely turned their backs in shame. Bad graphics, terrible camera and point of view, and lacks all the amazing puzzles the original had. I mean, the game doesn't suck, but it's hugely...
  5. Islamic Creampie

    ANTIFA / Antifascist Action / Antifaschistische Aktion

    I've seen people repeating the drinking from the toilet thing and then going on about how it's the guard's fault for not teaching the border hoppers how to use a tap because these poor people are "water illiterate". The migrants just come from janky countries. They're not fucking re.tarded.
  6. Islamic Creampie

    Culture Does 'Cunt' Break the Rules? Twitter Finds it Hard to Decide

    Fuck these front holes. Cunt is the best insult and they can take it from me when they pry it from my cold, dead cunt lips.
  7. Islamic Creampie

    Reddit's Trans Community

    He's like some elongated alien with those gangly limps and big head. He should ask a sugar daddy for some new sheets so he can ditch the 5th grade Pokemon bed. Also a total waste of a big dong.
  8. Islamic Creampie

    Reddit's Trans Community

    Claiming to be a "man" and then walking around with your natural female titties most porn stars would be jealous of hanging out, AND wondering why a bunch of homos in a gay bar are looking at the supposed gay male couple weird. There's only so many times you can comment on these people...
  9. Islamic Creampie

    World South Koreans eat boiled dog meat as they stage counter-rally defending their right to consume the 'delicacy' during animal rights protest

    I'd eat a dog, fuck it. But would really prefer it be given a clean death and not boiled like in that video earlier in the thread or cooked alive in a cage over a fire like the chinks do. Livestock are treated like shit all over the world, though. These things are already facing a slit throat...
  10. Islamic Creampie

    ''War'' Songs you enjoy

    Probably the strangest song Motorhead ever did, but the combination of the lyrics, Lemmy's wavering voice and the organ is just great.
  11. Islamic Creampie

    Rock Against Communism (RAC) / Rechtsrock

    Used to be on Youtube, but gone now for obvious reasons. This song always made me crack up.
  12. Islamic Creampie

    NeoGAF & ResetERA

    Demeaning? More like jealously. As we know, Morrigan looks exactly like the kind of girl that'd complain about video game women being "too sexy".
  13. Islamic Creampie

    What are you playing right now?

    Brave Fencer Musashi. Used to rent this way back in the day as a kid, but never did finish it. Picked up a copy a few years ago and had been sitting on it. Been looking to dive into my unbeaten PS1 games, so I figured I'd finally finish this. Just as funny and likable as I remember as a kid.
  14. Islamic Creampie

    Speedrun Event General - AGDQ Up!

    The RE2 run was really good. Dude wasn't saying "Let's a go!" every 5 seconds like last time and the audience was having lots of fun without being obnoxious. Just an overall really entertaining run. Silent Hill 3 was bullshit. Love the game but this dude is unwatchable. He just never shuts the...

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