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  1. Buck Mullet

    Infected #Comicsgate

    Making an Eternals film reeks like trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle Guardians of the Galaxy was. Hope it works, but no one is clamoring for it. Maybe it will carve a path for the Fantastic Four, but if they can't make them work on the literally fourth attempt (besides the Roger...
  2. Buck Mullet

    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    You can't just judge a place based on if they are in a shitty strip mall. Locally the best Mexican joint outside of actually going to the 'hood is located in one. It always has customers coming and going when I visit, that's how you judge a place beforehand. I would so pity anyone unlucky...
  3. Buck Mullet

    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    Nigga your fat ass need to walk more, it's your arm that don't work. I've got a pal who was always a fat fuck, and the years of gluttony and basement dwelling caught up with him. He had to have part of his colon removed, and suffered multiple hernias after. He was still 330lbs, and after...
  4. Buck Mullet

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Like mother, like daughter.
  5. Buck Mullet

    PULL Gawking Thread

    Lol literally:
  6. Buck Mullet

    BronyCon 2019 megathread

    Those descended from royalty like the Chandler's do not travel like or among the common folk. That, and even his tard brain realizes with all the crap he's bringing and taking back going by rail would be a huge pain in the ass.
  7. Buck Mullet

    BronyCon 2019 megathread

    If Chris packages jars of "bathwater" anything like his other crap, I expect law enforcement to visit 14b over concerns he's sending biohazard waste through the mail.
  8. Buck Mullet

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    The collection agency should try and role play with Chris to collect his debt, worked out pretty well for a couple other 'tards apparently.
  9. Buck Mullet

    Infected #Comicsgate

    Let's neither pretend that the page count doubled, progress was regularly shared, and no one ever accused EVS of being a speedy deadline making artiste. "Where's the book Ethan?" At the fucking printers, that's where bitch.
  10. Buck Mullet

    Sonichu 6/30 - Sonichu 14, pg 11-12

    Lucid dreaming? Smoke weed everyday for years and years then just quit. Your dreams will be fucking crazy for a while.
  11. Buck Mullet

    Twitter 6/26 - Chris claims he had a heart attack

    The ER doctor should have told him to get some fucking exercise instead of bedrest, fatty gets enough of that already.
  12. Buck Mullet

    6/19 - Eyewitness account of the debt hearing

    Oh, Chris knows just what to do with Barb's corpse... :tomgirl:
  13. Buck Mullet

    Money Chris's eBay account is gone

    Except that monthly $1200 or whatever it is tugboat. It might not seem like a lot to some, but to many folks who are not or under employed it would be a life changing windfall. People who could gain independence, afford a vehicle, start their own business... and instead Chris uses some...
  14. Buck Mullet

    Money Chris's eBay account is gone

    If you're kicked off Ebay is it easy to just create a new account and start from scratch? You'd think even if they kick you off as seller they'd still want you as a customer. I have to ask this because as an occasional seller it's hard to imagine fucking up your sales and feedback to the point...
  15. Buck Mullet

    06/13- YT: Believe in the OCs and Deities!

    Chris demanding viewers "Believe!" has the same effect as anyone telling Chris to "Get a job!".
  16. Buck Mullet

    Twitter 6/12 - Chris tries to justify being unemployed by claiming he has a job overseeing the Dimensional Merge

    Bob getting Chris hooked up for life with SSDI was simultaneously the best and worst thing he ever did for him.
  17. Buck Mullet

    Containment Fan Art Thread

    A drawing of Pristine Christine made for a friend that I thought I'd share with you sick fucks.
  18. Buck Mullet

    Infected #Comicsgate

    Calling Mike out publicly was a must, otherwise the idiot brigade would reeeeee at EVS from all sides. Decrying Mike's stupid trolling cleared a path for normies to not lump all of CG in with Mike's awful attempt to create controversy.
  19. Buck Mullet

    Infected #Comicsgate

    These people have demonstrated that even without dox, contacting CPS in TN with some cockamamie story about a YouTuber who says mean things on the internet is the equivalent of punching a Nazi. They are that stupid. TUG knows these idiots are capable of at least getting that ball rolling, and...

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