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  1. GeorgiaGuidestones

    SWIMMING IN A STORM 8/17/2019

    Now all she needs is a Tammy Slaton forehead to balance things out.
  2. GeorgiaGuidestones


    A 600 lb woman claiming to be bettering herself while shoveling Velveeta mac and cheese down her throat. LOL I can’t with this bitch
  3. GeorgiaGuidestones

    Torrid Try on Haul | 560 ellbees

    She’s picking and pulling on the clothes knowing they’re too small for her. Who’s she trying to fool? We have working eyes, gorl. 560 elbees....right.
  4. GeorgiaGuidestones


    Amber: i DoN’t PiCk My ThuMbNaIlS Also Amber: Poses for a thumbnail
  5. GeorgiaGuidestones

    Unpopular opinions about food

    Everyone I know will not eat liverwurst. I love that shit. Put it on rye bread with mustard, swiss cheese, and red onion. A guilty pleasure.
  6. GeorgiaGuidestones

    saying goodbye after 11 years ...... - 8/13/2019

    It could happen
  7. GeorgiaGuidestones

    The Amberlynn Reid Show Supporting Cast

    I wonder how much Hamber is going to blow up Dustin’s phone and try to guilt her into hanging out.
  8. GeorgiaGuidestones

    WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE | DAYS 11-20 - 8/11/2019

    If only she had as much disipline with food as she does with telling lahs.
  9. GeorgiaGuidestones

    What Have You Cooked Recently?

    Pulled pork with a homemade spice rub. Buttermilk biscuits and coleslaw. Hubs kept going back for seconds.
  10. GeorgiaGuidestones

    WHAT I ATE ON VACATION - 08/09/2019

    She called a soft boiled egg, hard boiled. Chef Amber would give Gordon Ramsey a run for his money
  11. GeorgiaGuidestones

    Amber says dumb shit on social media

    Don’t worry, big and tough Necky will just rip their head off
  12. GeorgiaGuidestones

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    I’d like to know how she gets away with constantly bad mouthing her job and supervisor.
  13. GeorgiaGuidestones

    How has Subway survived this long?

    Wawa originated in the mid-atlantic states and only started to expand south in the last 10-15 years.
  14. GeorgiaGuidestones

    So, Who Should Finish A Song of Ice and Fire?

    Chuck Tingle Ghost mounting Jon Snow

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