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  1. IceGray

    The Bad Ending Game

    Soulcalibur 6: The conduit loses a duel with Azwel in the desert, and fades from their wounds, thirst, and inability to draw mana from the astral fissures. Azwel decides they are too weak for the purpose of ascending mankind, presumably looking for another host for this purpose. In the grand...
  2. IceGray

    Cultcow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart Mahan

    At first glance I thought it was Osana with a haircut and made thiccer because Eva can't stand small chests.
  3. IceGray

    Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston

    If this were true, he'd mention the name of the program in question. But he won't, since someone could let the air out of his balloon.
  4. IceGray

    Susie Green & Mermaids UK

    Indeed, if drag performers are any indication, it's not too late to transition as long as you know what would look good on a hypothetical opposite sex your age.
  5. IceGray

    Susie Green & Mermaids UK

    The rush is supposedly because if you have puberty based on your birth gender you're doomed to never pass convincingly.
  6. IceGray

    StraySheep / Kayla Marie Waller

    Optimistically, she could graduate into wire-weaving, copper and shiny stones, that kind of thing. But that seems unlikely.
  7. IceGray

    Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective to get live-action remake

    With the focus on rationalism in Calvin and Hobbes, not to mention Calvin's a little white boy, any adaptation at present would tar it unfairly in woke media now.
  8. IceGray

    Random Tumblr posts

    Would they be saying this if gay weddings were supposedly sold as fairytale blockbuster spectaculars?
  9. IceGray

    Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective to get live-action remake

    Next thing you know Disney will remaster Wind in the Willows in live action.
  10. IceGray

    everything is lesbian

    Feels like you could classify all the new "lesbians" as fujoettes because they think being caricatures of womanhood that scissor each other is what lesbianism really is about. Exaggeratedly fujoing over porn femininity. Another thing they tend to do is worship every single female character and...
  11. IceGray

    SJW Art and Extremes

    I guess figures are not this person's strong suit. Shame, that was a decent background, but it's hard to fuck up a kitchen design,
  12. IceGray

    How to Draw Manga recommendations

    Serious answer: Check out MangaMaterials' anatomical turnarounds on Twitter, although due to recent harassment she has made her free materials Japanese only.
  13. IceGray

    Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston

    Surely anyone with half a brain knows that not everyone lives like they're in a photoshoot all day erryday. And knowing Dobson, he'd probably love it if it was a lesbian lounging photoshoot.
  14. IceGray

    SJW Art and Extremes

    And the comments point out that Oda exaggerates everyone. He's got a weird style by anime standards, so it's not just women he exaggerates.
  15. IceGray

    Insane Parents of "Transgender" Kids

    I still think it's a mixture of running away screaming from misunderstood gender roles and refusal to grow up or take charge of your destiny.
  16. IceGray

    SJW Art and Extremes

    An overgrown one? I kid, but isn't Shantae in her mid-teens at least and comes from a culture where everyone dresses light regardless. It's basically trying to put "realistic" faces on cartoony art styles, like the Moon Man or something.
  17. IceGray

    everything is lesbian

    When gender cues are subtle, Tumblr thinks it's trans. When gender cues are obvious, they sneer and say it's cishet propaganda.
  18. IceGray

    SJW Art and Extremes

    Shouldn't it be more feasible to teach that while the net can be unsafe, even containing things you wouldn't want to see, it's better to take responsibility for your own browsing and actively avoid what you dislike seeing? It's not like guro or the like is being plastered in the mainstream web...
  19. IceGray

    Social Justice Warriors

    I would hope he takes all those jokes about being explosive goat-humping barbarians in stride instead of literally going nuclear.
  20. IceGray

    Diseased Shippers, Militant-Shippers, and Shipping Wars

    But I thought they were already lesbian fetishists, yuri being the new yaoi. At least fujoshi were honest about slobbering over hot men. These fujoettes aren't honest about liking lesbianism at all.

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