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  1. Anime-Chan

    Say something mean about the person above you

    dumbo looking ass
  2. Anime-Chan

    Say something completely autistic about the person above you

    skeletons can’t be Mexican
  3. Anime-Chan

    Surgery [15 July 18] Phil's Pseudovagina, 7 weeks post-op

    all pussy eaters would like to say no thanks
  4. Anime-Chan

    DeviantArt Horrors

    not sure if this was posted but saw this user while browsing newest. They just draws warrior cats mating(url too)
  5. Anime-Chan

    Dumbo (2019)

    Where tf are my pink elephants??
  6. Anime-Chan

    The Awful Fursuit Thread

    I can smell the stench from all of these
  7. Anime-Chan

    [June 11th] Dilation of Stink Ditch

    Yes. Because like any women with a vagina they stick a hair roller in there
  8. Anime-Chan

    What is your favorite desserts?

    the pussy
  9. Anime-Chan


    Is FLCL any good?
  10. Anime-Chan

    Cringiest Art

  11. Anime-Chan

    Disaster Interesting clickbait, op-eds, fluff pieces and other smaller stories

    Where did he get the idea that a eggplant will be a laxative
  12. Anime-Chan

    SJW Art and Extremes

    [/ATTACH] I honestly don’t know what the fuck they’re trying to imply here. So just because hinta cut her hair means she’s a fucking lesbian?
  13. Anime-Chan

    SJW Art and Extremes

    I honestly don't know what point they're trying to make by saying sonico is "only cishest fap material" as if tumblr doesn't already fetishize/fap to trans people. You can take pride in yourself without having to shit on someone who's comfortable with themselves. But like most exceptional individuals on tumblr...
  14. Anime-Chan

    Do you enjoy vomitting?

    Wow! Your breathe must smell fantastic!

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