1. Truth

    Aydin Paladin / Rebekah Erin "Bekah" Ford / Sybyll Adastra / StarSybyll

    Aydin Paladin is an alt-right skeptic thot known for her YouTube videos. She exhibits exceptional behavior stemming from her various mental illnesses. As far as I know, she came to fame after the debate with Density, for getting herself doxxed on said stream and then threatening a lawsuit...
  2. Grand Lunar

    Andy Warski / Adam "Race" Warski / Andy Pires / Warski Live / The Warski Show

    Andy Warski, or Adam "Race" Warski Real Name: Andy Pires Birth Date: January 5, 1989 Nationality: Canadian Current Location: Ontario, Canada Failed "low IQ" youtuber who has a habit of getting into angry screaming matches with people over minor or imagined slights. Notable for transitioning...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    Ryan Faulk / The Alternative Hypothesis / People's Veto / @thealthype / Stodles / FringeElements

    Meet Ryan Faulk of Sacremento, California. Ryan Faulk is a lolcow with a lengthy history of drama and attention whoring, leaving autism everywhere in his wake. He is 1/16th "negro", homosexual, and has "mild autism" otherwise known as Asperger's Syndrome. He grew up in a military family, so...
  4. Feline Darkmage

    Felix (Aaron?) Lace / Black Pigeon Speaks / BPS / Navyhato / TVShinjuku / TokyoAtomic

    Once upon a time our departed pet sperg @*Asterisk* made a crappy OP about this guy that didn't manage to prove he was a lolcow, so I have decided to take up this task myself, because I truly believe this guy is enough of an hypocritical overdramatic dogmatic oddball to qualify for a thread...
  5. Feline Darkmage

    JFG / Jean-Francois Gariepy / jfgariepyneuro / The French Pervert / The Public Space

    Meet Jean-Francois JF is a French-Canadian former Academic at Duke University He's also a huge pervert and trainwreck in progress "I've seen chihuahua cocks a lot." "On Episode 21 J.-F. made a comment about how he liked to lick legs "for at least thirty minutes" "I just hate criminals, I...
  6. Null

    Andrew Torba / Gab ( / / Dissenter ( is ran by some fat dipshit who makes Periscope videos where he is literally walking around his back yard panting and huffing and crying about censorship. It started off as an asset flip of an open source PHP project found out Github and is now a million dollar startup company which did...
  7. Bob Page

    TheBigKK - AKA: Nathan (Nate) Gately / KryptoKroenen / PurgeTheSwamp and more

    Well, with the recent fluctuations in the U.S. domestic and global political climates, a lot of exceptional individuals from both far left and right have come out of the woodwork. Perhaps the most notable example has to be the furry community. Just when the furries can be even more the spastic...
  8. seinfeldisakike


    Maulkin is one of those furries that prides himself on being as edgy as possible, with this relentless support of Donald Trump, and his open transphobia. He was banned from FA in the beginning of August, but his sofurry account is still open. He is also a...
  9. Spelling Bee

    Infected Kekistan

    Kekistan is a fictional country that originated on 4chan's /pol/ board and became a political movement after being popularized by the Youtube skeptic Sargon of Akkad. A Kekistani man explains the oppression faced by his people and the Egyptian god 'Kek' Despite getting disowned by its...
  10. Feline Darkmage

    RageAfterStorm / Alison Pead

    "She's an attention whore LARPing as a Burger" - Anonymous, 2017 Most of this shit happened a month ago, but it's resurfaced again. In spite of the mass deletion of content by Rage herself and speds trying to retaliate against her I'll press on and try to paint a full picture of this cow, her...
  11. Cyberia

    Careercow Laura Loomer / @looms93 & Jack Posobiec

    This is my first lolcow thread so if I fuck up, please tell me below. Who is Laura Loomer? She's a "reporter" for the cuckservative media outlet, "The Rebel Media" who, along with another "reporter" Jack Posobiec, showed their unwavering love of free-speech by disrupting a play because it...
  12. Loxiozzz

    Andrew Anglin

    This dwarf had a thread before but it was locked and op was shit. Gonna try again and see where this goes. This egg headed manlet is (((Andrew Anglin))), the founder and writer for the Daily Stormer. He caught my attention after speaking with a certain contributor, a man named Scott, in...
  13. Alex "Idominatio" Figueroa

    #UniteTheRight march at UVA,

    So apparently a group called White Lives Matter was allowed by court and now they're marching at UVA, they're starting 1AM EDT Honestly they do look like white supremacist or /pol/tards by the way they act, pretty unhinged and specifically "White Right". Also Kudos for not being fucking...
  14. RichardMongler

    Rock Against Communism (RAC) / Rechtsrock

    As an aside from the Edgiest Shit Ever thread, there's a huge niche of highly subversive Rock'n'Roll commonly known as Rock Against Communism (RAC) in the Anglosphere. Krauts tend to call it Rechtsrock, but anyway... Without further ado, I bring to you the Good, the Bad and the Scuzzy. THE...
  15. Feline Darkmage

    Millennial Woes / Colin Robertson

    Meet Colin Robertson, he is a Lolcow Behavior and Traits But in all seriousness, Colin Robertson (better known as Millennial Woes) is a friend of Richard Spencer (better known as the man who got punched in the face by an ANTIFA) and a self-declared member of the alt-right and Neoreactionary...
  16. Asperchewy

    "Save Pepe" Kickstarter Live from creator Matt Furie

    So whilst browsing Kickstarter I happened upon something quite interesting. Creator of the true hero of the Alt-Right, Pepe the Frog, has started a Kickstarter to bring Pepe back from the dead. Which he killed off earlier this year in an attempt to take back control of his beloved toad...
  17. Feline Darkmage

    (((Richard B. Spencer)))

    SPENCER IS FOR "ETHICAL" CP The verdict is in and nobody even likes him. Even the alt-Right can see that he is an absolute disaster and lolcow. Links provided by Weev in his AMA thread. Weev's article MPC Thread "Richard Spencer: Unmitigated Disaster" --------------- Website Twitter...
  18. InLivingTuna

    Emily Rose Youcis / @realemilyyoucis / "Pistachio Girl", creator of Alfred Alfer

    Those of you who have been on the internet for a while might be familiar with this video: This was the first animation in the "Alfred Alfer" series, a series of demented videos about the titular canine, most of which became popular via YouTube and Newgrounds. Though you'd be correct in assuming...
  19. ZeCommissar

    Manosphere Jim Donald (Jim's Blog)

    This is my first lolcow-based thread, so if I fuck something up or could do something to improve this OP pray tell. I feel this has been a long time coming, and I was susprised there was very little talk about this guy on here. Jim, and his blog Who is Jim and what is his...
  20. J

    Dramacow Milo Yiannopoulos / Milo Wagner / Milo Hanrahan / @nero

    That haircut is bordering on tumblr The mention of Milo Yiannopoulos's name can bring different reactions depending on who you ask- Person one- "MILO? THAT FUCKING PROBLEMATIC SHITLORD IS RACIST RACIST RACIST AND WANTS THAT MISOGYNIST TRUMP TO WIN HE MUST BE BANNNNNNNEEEEEEDD" Person...

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