amberlynn reid

  1. Serial Grapist

    IF YOU’RE LISTENING - 10/08/19

  2. むらさき

    COOK WITH ME | TACO SOUP 6/24/19

  3. Whale Watcher

    Charting Amber's Weight Gain Thread

    Buckle in Rain Men, cause Amberlynn has done a loooot of weigh-ins over her youtube career. So we’ll start with the overall graph, shall we? The big picture: Each vertical line is a month. The darker vertical lines are years. Horizontal lines are every 10 lb. The start of this graph is mostly...
  4. Null

    Crossover: Virgo Rogue insults based Amberlynn Reid (best KF user)

    Virgo Rogue/Ex-Super_Model_Joshua_Conner_Moon_Kiwi_Farms.net_Needs_To_Develop_His_Personality-adqx4qTjuQg.small.mp4 (Backup: Give it a second to cache.)
  5. ADHD

    my thoughts on keto

  6. C

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we can post our favourite ALR fan-made content and keep track of new videos being posted. This can include parody-type vids like Zachary Michael, commentary, compilations, ytp, etc. This can also be a place where ALR content creators can...
  7. Morimba

    Trouble Getting over Krystle?

    My friend recently discovered her and was watching some of her Krystle era videos and I noticed how much happier she seemed with Krystle. She was a lot more quiet and seemed more real and even her weight loss was more successful. After Krystle dumped her, she seemed really hurt by it, like...
  8. Dovahshit


    becky cleans with an old sock
  9. SpokesBottom


    New Amberism: "I'm damping it"
  10. Dovahshit

    Amberlyn's pets

    share here opinions/news/whatever about her poor animals.