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  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.
  1. Null

    Lolcow Melinda Leigh Scott & Marshall Castersen

    This story starts with a humble thread about a lolcow. This lolcow was a stalker of Melinda Leigh Scott, who, upon finding out Andrew was talking about her here, threatened me directly...
  2. Null

    2017-04-02 - Melinda Leigh Scott: "I will be taking legal action against you for ... $150,000"

    subject: Legal Action will be taken against you (from Kiwi Farms) from: Melinda Scott <> reply-to: Melinda Scott <> to: The following message has been sent from Melinda Scott <> (IP: 2601:846:c201:2909:5c52:bd51:f601:48ee)...
  3. The Jumping Dwarf

    Lolcow Andrew Peter Carlson / Anaiah Carlson / Tamarlover / Xtamarlover

    An Internet pasttime of mine when I'm bored is to attempt to go deep into YouTube. Recently, I found this freaky little man in one of these trips. His content is more disturbing than funny, but it's exactly the sort of beautiful trainwreck I know this place would love. I've been debating...