1. LesbianSleepoverParty

    Skitzocow Kevin Perelman

    Who is Kevin Perelman? Kevin Michael Perelman is a 46 year old self-described "nerdist" in Woodland Hills, California, with typical skills of someone with that description - IT, photography, graphics design, and 3D computer animation. What is not typical about Kevin Perelman are his claims that...
  2. damian

    Careercow Mark Waid / William Mark Waid

    UPDATE: Richard Meyer Sues Mark Waid Over ‘Tortious Interference With Contract and Defamation’ Posted by Rich Johnston September 29, 2018 ( The full court document runs below. RELATED LLC THREAD...
  3. Jaimas

    Artcow Jay Geis / The Golden Knight / The Platinum Paladin / Dick Pierce

    Jay Geis - a name that lives on fondly (for all the wrong reasons) in the hearts of many Kiwis, as both his rise and fall paint him as one of the most wildly entertaining, deeply disturbing, and outright hilarious individuals ever covered by this website - has returned to prominence after a...
  4. damian

    Careercow Kwanza Osajyefo / Kwanza Johnson / kwanzer

    Kwanza Osajyefo is a comic book writer for Black Mask. He's the creator of the Kickstartered comic book series, BLACK, a series about "What if ONLY black people had superpowers?". Like with Shaun King, Kwanza Johnson was born with light brown skin making him very insecure about his blackness...
  5. TheGreatCitracett

    Artcow M. Rasheed / Muhammad Ameen Rasheed / Second Sight Graphix / mrasheed

    So here's a comic I saw the other day being shared around, and naturally I just had to dig deeper: And I found the Facebook of the artist in question. He was spouting bizarre racism, seemingly to himself, because he was triggered as fuck, chimping out and deleting comments and blocking people...
  6. Arkomeda

    Arkomeda throws a tantrum, but draws us nice art

    MOD NOTE: This thread's contents were moved from the SJW Art thread for the purposes of not derailing the thread. Thank you. Greetings darlings~ I am an Achean, bearing of many gifts. I came to drop something just for you dears Behold~ Consider it a self-portrait, splendid if I may say so...
  7. Done

    Infected #Comicsgate

    PREFACE: So what is #Comicsgate? This article (OG, Archive) seems to be a very good jumping-on point, with a brief, yet detailed overview of some of the players and initial events, plus it's in a very neutral and sane tone. It is a highly recommended read. The basic gist of it #Comicsgate...
  8. TheGreatCitracett

    Skitzocow Tanya L Nelson / Tanya Laree Nelson / Toot Toot the Nascar Driver

    The other day, purely by chance, I happened upon someone fascinating. I was just doing my usual thing, screencapping Facebook comments for the Russell Greer thread, when I noticed someone trying to pitch a song to Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 in the comments of a photo of Rob that Russ had shared...
  9. L

    Maryne / @MaryneeLahaye / Ninja Elsanna

    Note: most recent updates to the OP are sorted at the top. MARYNE, ONCE AGAIN, TAKES ANOTHER TANTRUM IN RESPONSE TO ISLAMOPHOBIA Trump makes pissbabies mad, who knew? Just when you thought she couldn't be more of a white knight for Islam, she reblogs Linda Sarsour too. This was from her...
  10. Jarilo182

    Artcow Javis Ray / Legacy Control I'm surprised he doesn't have a thread yet, he's been all over various cringe pages on the web. He's known for his webcomic, Legacy Control, that was...
  11. Literally Hitler

    Artcow nattycomic / stephen a. winchell / @sawinchell

    The above comic should pretty much summarize nattycomic as a whole, There's no plot characters or humor to be found just a series of strawmen getting brutally murdered. The comic began as a spinoff of a mediocre webcomic called little boys room where the titular character natty would do the...
  12. Feline Darkmage

    Artcow "Zyklon Ben" / Ben Garrison / GarrisonGraphics / GrrrGraphics / RealBenGarrisonCartoons & his wife Tina Toon / Tina Norton

    "He has no mercy towards anyone. Trust me, I know. Heck, I am a law enforcement officer here in Montana, and I have met some pretty hardcore mother fuckers during my career. But this Ben Garrison guy... He is in a completely different league. I have no words to describe the amount of insanity...
  13. T

    Gross Luna Slater / funeral1996 / rotten2thecore1996 / howl1996 / junkhun

    I've been meaning to make this thread for months, she's one of my favourite lolcows from the other farms. Her instagram is the current source of most of her stuff, it's currently private, but I don't know how accepting of new followers she is. Okay, Luna Slater is a 20 year old heroin addict...
  14. InLivingTuna

    Shmorky / David Kelly / Daisy Kay / Sandypants / Peaches the Puppy & Ex-Fiance Amanda "Mandy" Mullen

    IMPORTANT: Shmorky has been exposed as a legitimate pedophile. He was in a relationship with @carefully who was 16 at the time. The full chatlogs can be found here, and highlights are here. Upon the release of these chatlogs, Shmorky had a mental breakdown on Twitter and is now presumed to be in...

    Artcow Alejandro Ricondo Barreiro / Kukuruyo

    (Credit to @Randall Fragg and @CatParty for discovery.) Meet Alejandro Ricondo Barreiro, also known as Kukuruyo. He's a webcomic artist known for his three comics: Monster Girls on Tour, My Little Eve, Guild Adventure, and Gamergate Life. Aside from his Gamergate Life comic, he has a fetish for...
  16. chimpburgers

    Kiva Bay / Kivan Bay / Kiva Smith-Pearson Here we go again with the long line of fat activist exceptional individuals that love to make fools out of themselves on the online. This is one especially important because they made a bunch of videos on their YouTube channel detailing some artwork they did for Nora Reed. They are...
  17. chimpburgers

    Tommy Tooter General Discussion

    TL;DR Overview Tom Wasserberg is an ancient faggot and formerly homeless busker from Chicago, now living in a roach infested hovel in Tuscon, AZ. He pretends to be a transgendered, lesbian woman in order to avoid criticism for his abhorrent behavior on and offline. By his own admission, he is...
  18. Hat

    "Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle

    4/2/2016: Transsexual Transtrender activist and public figure Sophie Labelle encourages followers to send death threats to neckbeards on Reddit. Assigned Male Pictured: Old Banner for the Comic's Tumblr Page Assigned Male has...
  19. Meatman

    Artcow Shädbase / Shädman / Shaddai 'Shadman' Prejean

    Shadman is a Swiss pedophile ejected from his country after dodging the mandatory service all Swiss men must go through. He was disowned by his mother after drawing porn of her. For some reason, Patreon enables him to rake in thousands of dollars a month producing grotesque pornography. Whether...
  20. CWCissey

    Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls / Mallorie Jessica Udischas-Trojan / Jesse William Trojan / Jessica Udischas

    This is starting to shit up the Assigned Male thread, so I'm going to give this webcomic it's own thread. Although it is significantly less strawmanny than the adventures of Stephie-With-The-Man-Hands, it is nonetheless just as stupid, with the same batshit...

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