ashley zoe fox

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    MalwareBytes has, again, blocked both the .net and .cc domains for the Kiwi Farms. Complain to them, not me.
  1. Null

    2019-08-25 - Jim Rozolosky / Ashley Zoe Fox: DMCA Takedown Notice KIND OF WORK: Unspecified DESCRIPTION: The following URL continually reposts copyrighted images/videos to a thread on their forums. On page 1, right at the top, there is a photo of a fursuiter dog. They also posted private images (some nude) of my roommates. You will...
  2. Null

    2019-07-19 - Jim Rozolosky / Ashley Zoe Fox: Defamation of Character

    Remember this faggot? Back at it again with the spurious whinging. Re: Unknown SENT VIA: UNKNOWN NOTICE TYPE: Defamation Legal Complaint Defamation of character as well as leaking of private information not available on any other site. Plus it is a hate crime as...
  3. D.Va

    Zoosadist Jim Rozolosky / Ashley Zoe Fox / AshleyZoeFox / Bedtime Bear / lilPup / lilRugrat

    Ashley Zoe Fox / Jim Rozolosky / AshleyZoeFox / Bedtime Bear / lilPup / lilRugrat DOB: April 28, 1978 Address: 548 Somerville Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15243-1570 Jim Rozolosky is best known as AshleyZoeFox, an autistic 40-something discovered through his role during the zoosadism leaks when he tried...