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  1. Meiwaku

    Off-Topic Where are you on the political/religious spectrum as an AF Farmer?

    The Nick threads tend to attract a lot of types of individuals. Where are you personally on the political spectrum, your personal values, and with your beliefs on religion? This entire thread is a mild PL thread. Use your best judgement when posting.
  2. P

    Team Fortress 2 Community

    Want general discussion about playing the game? Go to this thread. Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a class-based first person shooter game that has been out for a while. It was released by Valve in 2007 and went free-to-play in 2011. The game revolves around 2 teams, RED and BLU, and 9 classes, where...
  3. Dick Ramdass

    Orbiter William Robinson / James Lewis Martin / Christopher Stokes / Gaming Samurai King

    As confirmed by @The American Hedgehog , William has admitted to owning the @Williamchu account and thinks he's above all of us, claiming we're harassing him and this information he pretty much leaked on his own free will. Real name: James Lewis Martin Aliases: Christopher Stokes (Facebook)...
  4. Jmz_33

    Smugruko / Smug_Legend / Lory / MariEvangelion / Dekapai_Decade / Kokoro_Dev / @FurezoHarto

    Smugruko (real name "Lory,") is an Anime/Videogame "journalist" and self-proclaimed master troll. Smug first got her start by working for another notorious lolcow, Ian Miles Cheong, where she became affiliated with 'Hype Break' and became the owner of 'Escapezero,' which is just another...
  5. damian

    Dramacow Xavier Pace / Perfection / TheSuperItachi / Lord Paragon / Lord Perfection / Paragon Perfection / PerfectionSama

    Xavier Pace, more prominently known as Perfection or SuperItachi, is a Dragon Ball youtuber with the sole goal of becoming the face of the YT Dragon ball community at any cost. This includes doxing family members, faking screenshots, taking away context of actual screenshots and spreading lies...
  6. J

    Orbiter Kat Speculation

    Kat isn't really funny like some of DSP's orbiters and she is a topic of frequent discussion so I'm making a thread just to make it easier for people to find what's already been discovered and to reduce cyclical discussion. I'll put a half-assed effort into keeping the OP updated with a summary...
  7. Clay Claymore

    Brendan Markham / BioZero216 / Zero Resurrected

    Google+: Twitter: YouTube: Taken from his YouTube page, these two comments perfectly sums up BioZero216, a 19-year-old who loves dubbed anime and...
  8. Jaimas

    Careercow Brianna Wu / John Walker Flynt

    Previous Threads: Thread 01: Thread 02: Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Wu Now: Brianna...