autism speaks

  1. Null

    Asa Requa Maass & Priscilla Maass / Fathering Autism

    Asa Requa Maass is a burglar and deadbeat dad turned YouTuber notable for financially exploiting his teenaged daughter Abby's severe autism. Their content is mostly inane, advertiser friendly bullshit with paid product placements frontloading footage of an extremely shy and mentally handicapped...
  2. Jmz_33

    Smugruko / Smug / Lory / Lauren / MariEvangelion / Smug_Real/ & Helmet / MAXIMUM-ER HELMET / Kabuto / PapaHelmet / Parker

    Smugruko (real name "Lory,") is an Anime/Videogame "journalist" and self-proclaimed master troll. Smug first got her start by working for another notorious lolcow, Ian Miles Cheong, where she became affiliated with 'Hype Break' and became the owner of 'Escapezero,' which is just another...
  3. Quetzalcoatl

    Tyler Bowie / MickeyMouseFan01 / MickeyMouse000024 / MickeyTheDisneyFan01

    Ahhh, New Years Eve. A perfect day to start drinking, maybe to gather your family and be together having fun, how about socializing with your friends, and then going to see that shiny ball go down in NYC... or maybe to actually stir a strange commotion. Now that's not the New Year spirit I...
  4. crayolasword

    Interests 6/22 - Chris at Too Many Games convention

    mod edit: On Day 2, Chris was kicked out due to boundary issues (being touchy, kissing attendees) - posts about this are here, here and here - and reacted with a meltdown by curling up on the floor (video). Chris later tweeted and said that wasn't aware he had been warned against physical...
  5. Feline Darkmage

    Orbiter Sierra Eire / SierraEire1488 / ReviewChinaUSA / ReviewTitanicUSA / Robert/Thomas O'Connell, etc

    "I'm White. The person who shot Hitler is my hero." This wonderful pile of autism bragging about his ebin twitter weens is most commonly known as Sierra Eire, but he is a man of many aliases. He is notable for a few characteristics -He is Irish, and will mention this fact...
  6. Gorgar

    Pirates of the Caribbean Bride Scene Change

    Last week, the Bride Scene was changed at the Pirates of The Caribbean for Walt Disney World. Basically, the Redhead is now a gunslinger and is auctioning stolen loot instead of being an available bride. The scene change was not because of current times, cough cough But it was because the...
  7. Ashley

    Horrorcow The Puritans / Shawn Michael Vest / Shane Ballance / Gerald White & Shannon Rose West

    Update: I've misjudged who the cows were in this situation. It seems the trolls involved are part of a Neo-Nazi group, below noted as the "Puritans", who have sextorted and abused a number of people online, mainly young women. A more detailed look at who they are can be found here. Most...
  8. Jewed Hunter

    Plagued John Cameron Denton & Atomwaffen Division / Siegeculture

    The Attomwaffen Division is a group formed by IronMarch. It is led by a man who calls himself RAPE SiegeCulture is a Nazi website dedicated on making articles on why Charles Manson did nothing wrong. Forget Hitler we're going Helter Skelter.
  9. Pointless Pedant

    AS Dating

    People here have occasionally joked about a putative Kiwi Farms dating service, and what a train wreck it would be. To get a preview of what it would really be like, here's AS Dating, a Facebook group devoted to trying to help autists out of being virgins with rage. It hasn't gone very well...
  10. Dilbertmann

    Infected Wrong Planet

    The 'tismal of autism forums out there (and the most well-known), Wrong Planet serves as a "safe haven" for those with autism or aspergers, provides dating advice and coping with issues. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Our very own whiny fat faggot Connor is part of this forum; and due to their...