1. muh_moobs

    Interests OFF TOPIC: OPL - The D&D PC

    "Once upon a time there was a fat, autistic man who believed he was a woman and had magical powers. One day, on his way to McDonalds, the man lost control of his car and drove into the ditch. But this was no ordinary ditch. Instead of crashing, the man's vehicle fell into a hole, but no mundane...
  2. D

    Sarah Louise Helen Rolls

    Meet Sarah Louise Helen Rolls, a psychotic exceptional individual who lives off a tugboat and believe that if she kills someone and drinks their blood she'll become immortal. Sarah also carries around a stuffed bear called "Ted" and believes it's alive, she listed Ted as her "son" in her family list and...
  3. Yukari Yakumo

    sunlightcalibur1996 / teamextremesonic2417 / Katelyn "Calibur"

    Hello friends, today I'll be showing you a lolcow I've known for several months now. This may be my first attempt at making a coherent thread, so I hope you enjoy. Basic Summary sunlightcalibur1996 or as she now calls herself "Calibur" (note: we'll call her 'Katelyn' from here on out.) is an...
  4. GnomeofDoc

    [01 November 2019 - ???] DSP's Modern Warfare Rantings and Ravings

    I am trying out making separate threads for the different streams to consolidate the conversation and any clips so they are easier to find later. DarkDave stream:
  5. Thomas Paine

    Lolcow Jeremy Ken Walker / wwefan07 / Ken IGN / Ilovegsds08

    Allow me to introduce you to Jeremy Ken Walker, or as he's better known, wwefan07, a 30-year old incel with a scat fetish. Jeremy in his Taubwaffen uniform with his pets Welcome Kiwis, to the utterly miserable life of a man consumed with never growing up. Jeremy is frequent user of the IGN...
  6. Poiseon

    Knighty / Fimfiction / My Little Fetish / Every Weird Fetish Ever

    This thread is about the Brony Fanfiction site Fimfiction, its owner and founder Knighty, and some of it's more perverted, degenrate users. More will be added as time goes on. For those of you who don't know about Fimfiction, let me give you a quick rundown. Part 1: Introduction Fimfiction...
  7. Autisimodo

    Harlan Moncrief / The Harlan Show / Harlan Reviews / Classy News / Lunatic Leonard / Leonard Church

    I would like to introduce Kiwi Farms to this lovely gentleman, Harlan Moncrief. Harlan, despite the getup, isn't a Nice Guy. Harlan has been doing Youtube for 5 years, but its hard to tell because he's had multiple channels banned for consistently lulzy behaviour, not to similar is his...
  8. The Reaper

    Artcow Skye Barnick / Scott Barnick / Aanchir / Skybard

    Meet Scott Barnick, an autistic man who loves everything LEGO, and proudly declares himself a Brony. He's also recently become a woman. born in 1991 (27 at time of writing). Like all young children Scott began playing with LEGOs at a young age. Unlike most children Scott didn't outgrow his...
  9. AltisticRight

    Gregory Logan Ramos / Shadilay Strangler

    ETHAN RALPH AND THE #KILLSTREAM COMMUNITY TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS POST. Let me introduce to Gregory Ramos, the ethnic Kekistani Sargonite that strangled his mother to death for getting a D (not distinction okay) in mathematics. You can read about Shadilay Strangler Ramos here: Link...
  10. Zaragoza

    The Slums of Elwood

    Slums of Elwood is a fan forum dedicated to the PBS show Arthur. The forum takes extreme liberties with their relaxed moderation to allow all sorts of discussions of the show from weird fan fictions all the way to discussions on which characters members would like to date, to paraphrase the...
  11. Done

    Could Bob Still Be Alive?

    A lot of us thought that Robert "Bob" Chandler, the lovable Internet Lumberjack and the voice of reason in the Chandler Household, had passed away for good. Many people, myself included, were simply filled with despair at how 14 BLC had burned and crumbled in his absence, how without his guiding...
  12. melon

    Trashfire The BetterHelp, CreatorHealth, InfluenceLogic Rabbit Hole

    Recently starting in September, an influx of videos pertaining to a discussion of mental health, depression and anxiety had ignited the new YouTube trend. First emerging after YouTuber Elle Mills' publicised 'YouTube Burnout', a pattern in videos started to emerge in whereby creators suddenly...
  13. Done

    Horrorcow Jacob Sockness / Michiro Hutaki / Agian Siin / Jacob JS / Darkseed2012 / RamleIronHeart

    Jacob Sockness / Agian Siin / Michiro Hutaki DOB: 4/1/1983 in Alameda County, CA Address: 430 Turk St, San Francisco, CA 94102 Well, the Chris autism vortex delivers yet again. If you've ever looked at Chris's Twitter replies lately, a certain user must have popped up on your radar with his...
  14. PsychoNerd054

    Artcow Erik "Taz" Mokracek / MollyHaleIsMyFriend / MGHSHour / CowboyErik and Anti-Classix

    Edit: Doxes for Anti-Classix Members Introduction Erik Mokracek is a geeky 38-year-old man who has some rather weird tastes. Like, really, really weird tastes. Particularly, he has weird obsessions with in children from obscure cartoons from the 80s and 90s and game shows. Erik likes to...
  15. oddish

    Extra Credits

    "Extra Credits" is a gaming channel that makes godawful "analysis" videos about videos games. The show started as a ripoff of Yahtzee that they made as a school project, and never progressed much further than that in quality. In it, they draw from their non existent "expertise" in game design...
  16. The Lizard Queen

    Justin T. Hunt / DoctorChesterthe1st / JustParodiezMan / Dennis7ification

    This is Justin Hunt. Author, university student, eligible bachelor. I first became aware of him through this news article. ( (doesn't archive well) So, he...
  17. Truth

    Aydin Paladin / Rebekah Erin "Bekah" Ford / Sybyll Adastra / StarSybyll

    Aydin Paladin is an alt-right skeptic thot known for her YouTube videos. She exhibits exceptional behavior stemming from her various mental illnesses. As far as I know, she came to fame after the debate with Density, for getting herself doxxed on said stream and then threatening a lawsuit...
  18. Gym Leader Elesa

    Lolcow Lickability Rankings

    After I mentioned that a lolcow's gross exposed adipose wound looked deliciously lickable, @Shaftie suggested a thread. I'm here to deliver. I can't do it all on my own though, as there are a lot of lolcows to cover (and a LOT off them that could be licked.) So help in cataloguing them is...
  19. A

    Lolcow Todd Daugherty / N9OGL / Fox Smith / Doc Dot

    MOD NOTE: Harping on Todd's loli/pedoness will earn you a threadban. There is plenty about Todd to laugh at, please don't ruin it with your pedosperging/pedobait. NO ONE CARES. Todd Daugherty is an angry, autistic manlet from Taylorville, Illinois. He is currently sitting in prison with two...
  20. G

    حلال autisticdragonkin / Eric Borsheim / Dhul Qarnayn II / Kappashiro Nietzchieri

    I am founding a new religion called Hetheldom, another Abrahamic religion which is roughly as close to all three as Islam was to Christianity at its founding... ...I have a comprehensive but not yet complete theory of the world and religion which is enough to be a new religion in itself and I am...

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