1. Cake Farts
  2. Korin
  3. Collections Agent
  4. Ponderous Pillock
  5. PS1gamenwatch
  6. Elysian
  7. PS1gamenwatch
  8. StupidSnowflake
  9. Bing Bong
  10. Jaimas
  11. Randall Fragg
  12. Joy-Sama
  13. Holdek
  14. electroconvulsivetherapy
  15. Pikonic
  16. An Ghost
  17. ICametoLurk
  18. Valiant
  19. muina
  20. CatParty
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    Founded as the CWCki Forums, and originally dedicated to Christian Weston Chandler, the Kiwi Farms is about eccentrics on the Internet. These people are commonly referred to as Lolcows and are fascinating for reasons distinct to each spectator. We document the phenomenon, with every member bringing different perspectives and opinions to discussion. It is this diversity which has caused our peculiar community to thrive.

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