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  1. Bunny at Law

    Trainwreck Venus Palermo / VenusAngelic

    This thread is for us to sperg about Venus’ recovery and adorable Japanese life without shitting up the Margo thread. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube...
  2. HickoryDickory

    Snowflake Tati Westbrook / Tanya Krievins

    Okay, I'm just going to go down some of the current drama involving Tati and her "magic" pills. But first, Tati has been a professional Youtuber for 7 years and has built her channel upon reviewing make-up products. She says she's not sponsored or affiliated, but she has codes (Like Clarisonic...
  3. AtroposHeart

    ForeverKailyn / SincerelyKailyn / kmwbeauty / Kailyn Marie Hughes/Wilcher Kailyn Marie Wilcher, aka ForeverKailyn and most recently MsKailynMarie, is a Youtube beauty ‘guru’ hailing from Bowie, Maryland. Notable for her questionable skills and internet drama, she was first brought to the attention of the Farms by...